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  1. Not every Slingstudio job is quick and easy. Here, I'm using 9 mics, a standalone 8-channel recorder plus a 40 channel Midas rack mixer as a splitter for independent front-of-house sound. There are three cameras. One is static (Sony A7Siii) plus two PTZO 30x cameras and joystick controller. I'm using Cubase to record from the Midas, an iPad to control the SS, and another iPad to manage the streaming destinations. In lieu of ethernet, I'm using a Teradek VidkU Go streaming encoder with two cellular modems (HDMI Out from SS).

    Last weekend expanded this setup to 26 microphones, requiring two 16-channel FOH mixers. This was for a choral program with plastic partitions and 6' separation for each member. A mic was used for each member, plus solos and announcements. Without reinforcement, the audience can't hear them and they can't hear each other. We added 4 floor speakers for the chorus, which made all the difference. I takes another person (shown) to handle FOH mixing in all but the simplest installations.

    A word of caution. Keep the SS well away from other wireless transmitters. It doesn't want to pair with the control surface if there's interference. Also, you can't reliably do anything other than record with one computer, including a virtual mixing panel for the Midas.

    It's handy to have a camera you can move around without then encumbrance of cables. In this setup, I used a Sony A7Siii with a PZ 28-135/4 lens on a tripod, with a large (190 WH) battery and a Teradek Bolt LT 750 wireless TX/RX pair. It has virtually zero (> 1 msec) delay, so it can be used together with wired cameras for live-streaming. Notice the dirt floor. I kid others that I need to take my cables to a car wash afterwards.


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