List of Lighting Themes

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  1. Index of Lighting Themes , March 2004 -
    Lighting Themes

    Controlling Specular Highlights
    Short Lighting for Portraits
    Creating Sunlight in the Studio
    Using Lighting Gels
    Using a Single Light
    Hard & Soft Light Together
    Split Diffusion
    Lighting the Background
    Special Effects
    Combining Techniques
    " Studio Equipment & Lighting part 1
    Studio Equipment & Lighting part 2
    Studio Equipment & Lighting part 3
    Studio Equipment & Lighting part 4
    Studio Equipment & Lighting part 5
    Portrait Lighting Basics
    Controlling Shadows
    Combining Flash & Continuous Light
    Specular Highlights & Shadows as Design Elements
    Using Gobos
    Catalog Cover Photo Shoot
    Alternative Lighting
    Sailing Shoes
    Combining Flash & a Continuous Light Source
    Creative Lighting from a Large Light Source
    Using Lighting to Separate the Subject from the Background
    Playing with Food
    Exposing for Color Gels
    Using Scrims
    My Christmas Prezzie
    Graduated Specular Highlights
    Smoke and Mirrors? maybe just Mirrors
    An Intro to Studio Lighting equipment
    Light Tent or controlled lighting?

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