Linhof Wide Angle Focusing Device -- any experiences?

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  1. I have just bought a used Linhof Wide Angle Focusing Device for my
    4x5 Master. Unfortunately, my Super-Angulon 8/65 on a recent 2x3
    Technika lens board won't fit. The Focusing Device has a velvet
    collar, and it seems to me that I would need a completely flat lens
    board to use it.

    - Are there different (earlier/later) models of the focusing device?
    - Has anyone had a similar problem?

  2. I don't understand at all where is your problem.<br>
    I also use the Wide Angle Focusing Device on a Master Technika 45, with a Schneider SA XL 58 f/5,6, on a 23 flat lensboard. No problem.<br>
    Give me more explanations, and if I can I'll help you.<br>
    I don't see where is this velvet collar. On which lensboard is your SA 65 f/8 ? A recessed one ?<br>
  3. I have one for my Tec V. The 2x3 lens board clips right into the front of it and
    the whole thing clips onto the front of the camera... I too don't see the problem.
  4. There was an explanation of the different types of Linhof wide angle focusing devices here or in about a month ago. I don't recall the details of the discussion but I do remember from it that Linhof made several different models of the focusing device. If no one responds here you could search the archives both places using something like "wide angle focusing device" and probably find that explanation.
  5. Clemens,

    You mention needing a completly flat lens board, is yours a resessed lens board? Perhaps the Linhof Wide Angle Focusing Device requires FLAT BOARDS ONLY. I have a late model focusing device but am away in NYC on vacation until Sunday.

    J. P. Mose
  6. Just to reconfirm, a flat board is required as the wide angle focusing device a round cutout, which will limits the size (probably to #1 shutter size) of what will pass through. A resessed board would not be able to seat correctly.
  7. An old thread, but still a big problem for many users of a Technika with an ultra-wide-angle lens.

    There were several versions. Just for the 4x5" versions of the Technika there were already at least four.
    For Technika II I am not sure if there existed something like that.

    For Technika III I'm sure, it had on the rear the connection for rectangular boards without recesses and with smooth edges:
    PicFront - TechIII.jpg

    From Technika IV to today (the boards with recesses and sloping corners), the rear connection was always identical.
    There were three versions.
    The older version takes on the front only the flat smooth rectangular boards (81x74mm) of the old Technika 6.5 x 9 cm:
    PicFront - old.jpg
    PicFront - old2.jpg
    PicFront - old3.jpg

    The newer and latest version also accepts the modern boards (also 81x74mm) of the 6.5 x 9 cm Technika but with sloping corners and recesses:
    PicFront - TechV_Master.jpg
    PicFront - V_Master2.jpg
    PicFront - V_Master3.jpg

    There was another version without the ability to attach boards to it.
    It only had a bore for Compur # 00 shutters.
    The wide-angle lens was fixed directly to it with the retaining ring:
    PicFront - small.jpg
    PicFront - small2.jpg

    A very similar version existed for the Super Technika IV - Baby Technika - for the format 6.5 x 9 cm. But on the rear it had the connection for small boards (81x74mm).
    (sorry, no picture)

    For 5x7" also existed several versions.
    This one is the last version for standard 4x5" Technika IV V Master boards (96x98mm):
    PicFront - 5x7.jpg
    PicFront - 5x72.jpg
    PicFront - 5x73.jpg

    There might be a version for the old 4x5" Technika flat boards (sorry, no picture).
    In the last version of the 5x7" Super Technika V, the wide-angle focusing device was already integrated in the camera body.

    So what? What do you need something like that for?

    Anyone who ever wanted to use a super wide-angle lens on a Technika, will not ask this question.
    Such lenses (these are no retrofocus designs!) have to be pushed very close to the film plane if they are to be focused on infinity. Almost right up into the camera body.

    In this position, however, the bottom must be folded down so that it does not appear on the picture.
    So you can not focus the lens with the built-in bottom distance adjustment, anymore.

    To focus these lenses, the front standard is pushed almost to the parking position, down to the parking rail. Now, instead of the lens, the wide-angle focusing device is used. In front of it comes the super wide-angle lens. However, the lens has yet to be installed in a correspondingly smaller board, which connects it with the wide-angle focusing device.

    Hmm... sounds complicating, but with the help of the large adjusting screw you can now focus very comfortably.
    However, only on the ground glass. There is no possibility for coupling with the optical rangefinder of the camera.

    These devices were very expensive, so at the end the design was changed and helicoids were used instead - until today.
    This has the disadvantage that if one fiddles around the lens for focusing, often accidentally triggers the shutter or disadjusts the aperture or shutter speed.

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