Linhof Universal Viewer on Horseman 45FA

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by george_daneliya, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. I'm considering buying Linhof Universal Viewer (old model) for using on my Horseman 45FA. Can this viewer be mounted onto Horseman 45FA accessory shoe? Or some adapter is required.
    Many thanks in advance for your responses!
  2. Mounts to any accessory shoe.
  3. And has the added advantage you can carry it around while you are checking out a location,and return at your leisure with the best lens and viewpoint already decided.
  4. The one thing you will have to look out for is that it is very unlikely that the distance from the shoe to the center of the lens is the same on a Horseman and a Technika. Also, the shoe on a Technika is centered over the lens and the one on the Horseman may not be. So what you see in the finder, if you use it for composition on the Horseman, may not be accurate and could be off centered on your camera.
  5. Thank you, guys!
    Bob: The shoe on the Horseman is also centered over the lens. I don't know if the distance between the shoe and the lens is different, but, anyway, I'm not going to use the finder for close ups, so precise parallax correction is not required.
    The main idea is to use the finder (i) to preview the scene without need for opening the camera, and (ii) to be able to shoot (landscapes) handheld / from monopod or tripod using infinity stops and scale focusing.

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