Linhof Technika Super Rollex Instructions

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by vick_ko, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Someone recently asked for instructions on how a recent Black Super Rollex
    should work.

    I just spent an evening reverse engineering one.

    1. the automatic counter should spring back to zero when the back is open. If
    it does not, likely the grease that lubricates the back is gummed up.

    2. to load one, take the insert of the magazine out of the shell.

    3. install an empty roller into the left roller takeup. It is the one that the
    advance lever actuates. The right roller is only idles.

    4. install the film into the right roller location, with the black backing on
    the inside of the roll.

    5. unwind enough of the leader to align the red arrow inside the back, to the
    start line on the backing.

    6. wrap the leader around the rubber roller, and to double-check, the black
    inside of the leader should now be on the outside of the rubber roller.

    7. tuck the leader end into the empty spool. I wind it onwards a bit to ensure
    that the leader is being taken up into the roll.

    8. install the insert into the magazine housing.

    9. wind the film until it stops. The counter should be at 1, and the winding
    is firmly stopped with a solid click.

    10. now you are ready to shoot your first shot.

    11. to advance to the second frame, push the interlock button at the top back of
    the magazine to the left, and advance the film.

    12. continue shooting to the end; when the counter gets to the end, you can
    then wind the rest of the leader onto the used roll.

    13. open the back and the counter should jump to zero. Remove the used roll of
    film and reload.

  2. The original instructions came with my Super Rollex. They are a bit different from what Vick figured out by experimenting with the back with respect to the positioning of the arrow. One inserts the film, then winds it until the arrow is visible in the oval window, then closes the back.

    The part that is least obvious is that the black side of the paper should face the outside. Also, this way you will see the labeled side of the paper through the cutout window.
  3. well,

    i believe, the easiest way of getting to know how these lovely beasts work is to ask hp -
    bob salomon - to send a copy of the instructions. they are available for just a few bucks.
    i got mine from linhof directly for about 5 euros.
    i think that's a good investment considering the cost of a super rollex.
    and the end of guessing and having unexposed films in the end.
    well, just a thought. i don't really understand people buying expensive equipment and
    saving on instructions.
    nevertheless a very kind way of trying to solve other peoples problems, vick!

  4. Interesting, I read that the super rolex is the best at keeping the film flat because of the rubber roller, so I bought a Linhof technika 70 + rolex, with that in mind. I also bought a copy of the user manual for the T70, I hope it is not too complex. Anyhow, interesting comments about the reverse engineering of the rolex, I enjoyed reading about the beast.

  5. I think that I have "somewhere" a scan of the original users manual for the Super-Rollex. But the scans are rather large. I have to redimension them, and convert the .jpg in a single .pdf format. Just ask if you need it.

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