Linhof Technika Serial Number Questions

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  1. No. There is no Master Technika V.
    There was the V which was discontinued and replaced by the Master Technika. You have a Master Technika, albeit an early one. The latest version of your camera is the Master Technika Classic.
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  2. Hello Bob, then the sign "100 Jahre Linhof 1987" does not fit to the age af the camera? Is it a fake or did Linhof also use older cameras for that series? Thank You in advance, Marko technika.jpg
  3. No, that plate is correct and that is an 87 serial number. Sorry for the confusion.
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  4. Hi Bob, wondering if you can tell me more about B551886. I know it’s a Master Technika, but is it a classic or a 2000? Thanks in advance
  5. If it has a rangefinder it is the Classic.
  6. Thanks so much...and that's just it...It does not have a rangefinder. The seller on ebay is calling it a Classic. Could it be a Classic that was sold without a rangefinder?
    Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 12.16.26 AM.jpg Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 12.16.46 AM.jpg Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 12.17.16 AM.jpg
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  7. No, it’s a Classic which has had its rangefinder stripped off. If it was a 2000 then there would be a wide angle focusing system inside the body.
  8. That’s what I assumed. Thanks so much.
  9. The 2000 was designed to take an add on accessory IR rangefinder/multi focus finder that went across the entire top of the camera. That meant that on the 2000 the locking knobs for the back extension and the strap lugs were moved to the sides of the body and were not on the top.
    The finder system proved to not function as designed and was recalled after a year or so.

    Some might still be in the field but unlike the mechanical cams the 2000 system required a PC computer running a very old Windows OS and could only have the cramming program on it. So any still left are incapable of being programmed today or for the past decade or more. To use the finder on the camera there was an IR receptor that fit to the front of the top body housing and protruded through a slot in the top that placed it into the camera housing. A piece of the body covering had to be removed to access the slot.
  10. Thanks for all of that info. Very interesting. If I can have just 30 seconds more of you time, I have two other hopefully easy to answer questions. I am considering buying the Classic (photos I posted two days ago). 1. If I’m using a 75 mm Nikkor 4.5 lens, will I be able to use downward front tilt on this camera with the bed Dropped w/no bed in the image? If not, is there a rear tilt option? 2. Will I need a recessed “comfort” lens board to use the 75? Thanks again.
  11. You will need the recessed board if the Nikon is in a 0 shutter. Yes, you will have front tilt forward and back with the dropped bed.
    Note, the Comfort board is for the Copal 0 shutter only.
  12. Thanks Bob. I am unable to cock the shutter using a 19mm recessed board and my 75mm Nikkor f/4.5. There is not enough clearance for the shutter cocking arm to clear the top of the inside of the recess at the top (or most of) the arc that the shutter cocking lever travels. Does the “comfort board” solve this issue? I’m surprised to not find others discussing this issue. Any solutions available?
  13. Please bear in mind, Linhof did not recommend or offer any lenses other then Rodenstock, Schneider or Zeiss except for a couple of Nikon teles. All of their boards made in the past 4 or 5 decades were for Copal, Compur, Prontor Professional, Rollei and Rodenstock shutters.
    You may have to use a flat board, if you can get the lens to focus with it.

    You might also want to call Bob Watkins at Pro service in IL and ask him what he would suggest.
  14. Hi Bob, i just got a baby Technika 2x3 with serial : 49663
    What you tell me about that camera? Got it real cheap with 3 lenses (super-angulon 65, angulon 90 and Goertz Dogar 165) and a standard rollex + misc
    Thanks in advance
  15. 1955.
  16. Thank you Bob - camera 11 years older than me, and look almost brandnew....only I have the wrinkles :)

    One more question : i would love a good portraitlens with faster aperture, maybe petzval or alike. Any you can recommend?
  17. Something in the 210 to 240 range.
  18. Hi.
    I need some info about old 13x18 Linhof. It looks like pre-WWII Technika (or, maybe, Linhof Standart?). Main question is which holders can be used with it. How to define, what old metal holders will fit this camera and what holders will not?
    Screenshot_2019-11-07_10-05-59.png Screenshot_2019-11-07_10-06-17.png
  19. Maybe, somebody have advice about how to convert it to the modern film holders or make 3D-printed holders for "old" sizes?
  20. After some searches:
    - no back movements, so it`s Linhof Standard.
    - camera with lesser serial is reported as 1937 sold. Camera with bigger serial is reported, as 1939 sold. But it`s not sure, as I don`t know, on what info is this reports based.
    - film holder for it is known as "millionfalz".
    - still don`t know, how do distinguish needed holders from a lot of similar Ebay offers.

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