Linhof Technika Serial Number Questions

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  1. Hello Bob,

    I just bought a Technika 4x5. It's got a tan colour. The number in het horse shoe is: 65171. It's also has got West Germany on it.
    Can you tell me what kind of a Technika it is and the year of production.

    Greetings, Sandra
  2. Hi Bob,

    I've just bought a Linhof Technika. It says West Germany and it's got a tan colour. The number in the horse shoe is 65171. Can you tell me what kind of camera it is and in what year it's been made.

    Thank you,

    ps I've send a question earlier this day but I couldn't find it on this page. So now I'm trying it this way.
  3. 1960
    1960 Super Technica IV
  4. Hello Bob,

    I just found a Linhof Technika,
    The number in the horse shoe is 26633, can you tell me what kind of a Technika it is and the year of production.

    Thank, john.
  5. Sorry, my records only go back to the end of WW II.
  6. Bob,

    Have Serial # 45449 I believe Linhof Super Technika III and need to know the year of manufacture please. This number found on attach shoe and on underside of focusing cam.

  7. That is the serial number for a 2x3 Technika lll from 1952.
  8. Hello Mr. Salomon
    I recently purchased on eBay from Japan (I know, I know) a Linhof 4x5 but I cannot find a picture or any reference to it's serial number 42023 stamped in the body and on top mounting shoe. It's like a stripped down Tech III. Also it's lensboard is not a standard Linhof. The bottom bevel on camera requires the board to be inserted backwards and I had to shave off about 2mm on both sides for it to fit. linhof? - 1.jpg
  9. You have a 1953 Technika Standard Press with a Shen Ho lens board. Buy an old Linhof board.

    This model was only made from 1950 to 54 for the American market as a stripped down camera to compete with the Graflex.
  10. Hello Mr Salomon,
    I have this number on the cold shoe, C511216, would that be the serial ? I couldn't find any other number inside/outside the camera.
    I bought the Technika in Bièvres-France, and the previous owner couldn't tell me the model.. recent one apparently.
    Could you help on this ?
    Thanks in advance

  11. Post 1993 Master Technika. Enjoy!
  12. thanks again, i will !
  13. Hello, Mr. Salomon. You are so great to provide this service!

    Could you please tell me the date of manufacture of my Technika, serial no. 68476?
  14. 1960
  15. Thank you!

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