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  1. Linhof 13x18cm and back.jpg
    Dan - I own a pre-war Technika 13 x 18cm that has been dated to 1936 (see my reply to this post, dated August 3, 2013). The camera back looks the same as yours. Quite a few years ago (1983?), I decided that I would like to be able to use the camera, so I fabricated an adapter for an old 4x5 Speed Graphic back (a Graflok back would have been better), including ground glass screen and folding hood. The camera and back are shown above. I used the camera with the adapter to make a number of good photographs, but, after proving that the concept worked, gave it up for more modern equipment. The camera now sits in prominent display on a shelf in my TV room.

    Fabricating the adapter was fairly straight forward, as the main component consists of a flat plate that slides into the grooves on the Linhof back. When I did the work, I was in engineering grad school, and had access to the department's machine shop. I recall using a milling machine to get the dimensions of the plate just right.

    If it were me, and considering that your camera does not have movements, I would not bother with trying to use the camera, but would look for a nice used 4x5 view or field camera on eBay or elsewhere. Prices for 4x5's have become quite low (excluding, of course, Linhof Technika's!).
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  2. Thanks. Looks useful, if I shall want to take color film shoots.

    It does not have back movements, but has front rise, tilt and shift. Nearly the same movements, as most Graflex cameras has. Looks sufficient for most tasks. Only lack of front swing is some disappointing.
  3. I've just purchased a Linhof Technika through eBay and am currently waiting on it to arrive. The number 6134 is on the drop bed but I can see nothing engraved on the shoe. I would greatly appreciate any information you have on the date of manufacture and the model. My thanks!
  4. It’s a 1954 Technika lll.
  5. Thank You so much!!
  6. Hello Bob, do you know the production years for the two numbers 63339 and 75788? Both are Technika IV, one is the old version, the other the newer one. Thanks a lot in advance! Kenny
  7. 63339 1957

    75788 early 60s same batch.
  8. Thank you, Bob!
  9. Hello Bob !
    My Technika is 72317. Can you tell me wich mdel and year it is?
    Thanks !
  10. 1952 Technika lll. It’s too old to have the number on the shoe.

    it has rear tilt only on the front standard + swing, shift and the drop bed. Back has swing and tilts and minimal rise/fall. It takes special boards and cams for the lll only. To cam a lens the service center will need the camera and the lens. Starting with the V the service center only needs the lens to cam it.

    as long as you didn’t pay too much it’s a great camera to learn on. But the first thing you need to do with a camera this old is climb in a small closet, put a good flashlight into the body through the back, turn it on, wait a minute or two for your eyes to acclimate and then check every seam and corner for light leaks as well as the bellows itself.
    Then come out into the light and check each moment and control for smooth movements and effective locks. A camera this old can easily have a leaky bellows and need a rhrough CLA.
  11. All Linhof Technika cameras, except the Repro Copy Camera have back rise/fall/tilt and swing. That was what their patent was for. The first all metal camera with full back movements. Your picture illustrates those movements. They are done via those back rods. Not much movements but they are certainly there.
  12. Hi, I have a Linhof Technika with serial number 62950.
    The complete set.
    Made in west Germany
    Can you tell me wich model and year it is?


  13. 1957 Super Technika IV.
  14. thank you Bob.
    How do you know this? :)
  15. I have the list.
  16. hello just moved to this thread. maybe better fitting.
    i have quite a "frankenstein" linhof technika. as i am new with linhof and because someone removed the viewfinder and attached a plate its not super easy to find out. unfortunately the serialnumber on top is gone as the accessory shoe is gone. i cant imagine that there is no other number somewhere. every high quality gear of that time had some fix serial numbers somewhere. is there a hidden one under the cover? if yes where could that be found?
    also any other hints on the possible model would be great.
  17. It’s a IV.
  18. thanks a lot. any idear where to find a (hidden) serial number? cant imagine that there no fixed one on the body.
  19. ok. [​IMG] i found it. its under the small leather pieice on the bottom back
    its nr. 84138 . if you have an idea about the year.
  20. 1948/49 Technika IV without finder.

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