Linhof Technika serial number 2122377, production year?

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  1. Hi, all, I just bought a used Linhof Technika which serial number
    engraved on adapter shoe, the number is 2122377. I am curious about
    its production year, as well as what is B.D.P.? it is engraved on the
    film holder frame. on the other corner has "West-Germany" on it. I
    guess it should be produced before 1990. thanks in advance for your
    reply. best regards, James
  2. 1966 Technika V.

    B.D.P. is the German Patent Office

    Made well before 1990.
  3. The number on your accessory shoe isn't necessarily the serial number of your camera. The serial number of the camera is actually engraved on the camera under the shoe. To find it, remove the shoe and look underneath. Accessory shoes sometimes got lost over the years and were replaced by shoes from other cameras so you really should look at the number on your camera to be sure.

    If it's a Technika V then it's a very safe bet that it was produced well before 1990.
  4. Bob & Brain, thank you very much for your replies.
    I removed the accessory shoe and found the number on the body is same as the one on the shoe.

    Bob, do you mean this Technika V was manufactured in 1966?

    There are more details about this camera make me curious. I found another number "F=240mm L9773344" engraved on a piece of metal blade at the bottom beneath the rail. what does that mean?

    I would rate its condition as 80% new, seems not heavily used. It comes with an original Linhof aluminium box which size is about 18x17x5 inches, as well as an ivory color hand grip.

    The bellow can be stretched to its longest of 38cm only. I read
    previous discussion in this forum about Technika V was that 40cm is the longest. The bellow material is not leather, it has a crispy feeling when you touch it. I guess it is kind of synthetic material. Is the original bellow like this?

    The last question, is spare parts of Tech V. still available from Linhof Germany or his agents?

    thanks for your further clarification.

    best Regards
  5. Hi!

    I have a full set for a Linhof Technika in a brown suitcase. My camera's serial number is 45262 and is written in the flash shoe. Can you please tell me which model I have? Does Linhof still make spare parts and additional equipment for this model? Is it compatible with newer models?

    Thank you so much for your help!
  6. 1953/54 Technika lll 2x3. No parts or accessories have been available for decades.
  8. 1967 Super Technika V. The initials are German Patent Office.
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  9. Please Bob, can you help me?
    I have Technika #83050 maybe a Tech IV?
    I can buy one Technika #B581570 (costs a lot of money).
    Do you knew the production years?
    Thank You in advance, Marko
  10. The Master Technika was made in the mid to late 90s.
    Your Super Technika V was made in 64.
  11. Thank You so much.
    Please I got another chance zo buy a Technika.
    Could you please help me, wich model it is?

    Thanks again in advance, Maro
  12. Master Technika late 1973

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