Linhof Technika III 6x9

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  1. Hi,
    I've just received my New Year present to myself - a nice Baby Linhof 6x9 with Tessar 3.5/105 with a matching cam. No other lenses unfortunatelly. Now trying to figure out certain things.
    1. My Linhof has a viewfinder / rangefinder system (so, it's a Super Technika). But there are no brightlines in the finder. On the web I saw photos of such cameras only with brightlines (having the form of a cross - 1 for 65/105mm + one for 180mm). I have a mask for the viewfinder, so, it's not a problem, just seems strange. Another strange fact about the viewfinder - it has a violet square zone in the center, which is much larger than the rangefinder spot and takes approx. 30% of the finder.
    2. The camera is covered with tan (actually more greyish than tan) leatherette. Before I received the camera I thought all technikas III were black. The leatherette is old, so it's not a recent recovering.
    3. Rangefinder seems a little bit off. Is there any instruction how to calibrate it available? I haven't found anything on the web. BTW, when I extend the lens to its infinity dot, it still needs to be extended further a bit to reach infinity (judging by the GG).
    4. Certain aluminium (?) parts inside are covered with white powder rust (the rest of the camera has no cosmetical defects). Is it common for old linhofs?
    Otherwise a great machine!
    Any comments?
    Happy New Year to all forum members!
  2. Let's make sure exactly what camera you have. What is the serial number of the camera? Not the lens.
  3. Also, if it is a matching cam it will have the serial number of the lens stamped on the top of the lobe for that lens and the serial number of the camera stamped on the bottom of the cam. Is that what you have? If not, it is not a matching cam and will not focus true at all distances.
  4. Thank you, Bob!
    The camera's serial number is 84147 (engraved on the accessory shoe).
    The cam is definately matching to the lens. But I cannot unscrew it all the way to check the camera's number underneath. I follow the manual's instruction (p. 16, item 6), but no matter how many turns I do, the lock cap won't come off...
  5. The camera is a Linhof Technika IV according to the serial # and the back is removed by means of a single lever as opposed to the III which has four corner connections.
    The focusing cam is removed by unscrewing the lock cap until it revolves then pulling the lock cap straight up. That's how mine works.
  6. Thank you, Lorrence! I was able to remove the lock cap. The cam is matching both the lens and the camera body.
    Indeed the back is removed by a single lever. However, the camera takes old Tech III style lens board + it does not have front tilt. Maybe it's some sort of a transitional model?
  7. George - The IV does not have front tilt; mine doesn't - It's accomplished by dropping the bed
    then using back tilt to get the degree of front tilt that you desire.
  8. OK, and what kind of lens boards IV takes?
    I'll try to post some photos.
  9. The lever removing the back
  10. The viewfinder
  11. Strange violet area in the viewfinder
  12. It is a IV made about 1950.
  13. Thank you, Bob and Lorrence!
    So, early IV also used old III-styled lens boards? Mine measures 81x74mm (approx.).
    Do you have any instructions on adjustment of the rangefinder? I want also to clean it from inside.
  14. You have a half century + old Linhof. It should get a proper CLA from a Linhof service center so it will last at least another half century.
    Linhof service in the USA is in NY City.
    Outside the USA ask your local Linhof distributor for their service center.
  15. Bob, you're right, of course. But I'll try to use the camera, at first, as it is, and then will decide whether to do the CLA. I live in Japan - a good CLA work here would probably cost me twice as much as the amount I paid for the camera...
  16. A good camera. I have a similar one. The original lens on my camera was heavily scratched and marked, so I installed
    a Mamiya Sekor 100mm f/2.8 lens in it's place. Of course I can't fold the camera with this lens in place, but it is a
    beauty to shoot.

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