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  1. I am new to large format, altought I have read a lotabout LF equipment I
    still did not have practical expiriences to use one....I am common in MF, have
    Hasselblad 500 C/M, Mamiya 645, Yashica 124G, Rolleiflex Automat...etc, I am
    looking for a good entry level LF camera...where I can learn a lot...I hava a
    chance to by Linhof Technika II 9x12cm, 1936 with 3 lenses (150,90 & 250), can
    I use this camera with 4x5 film or is there any difference, or you think that
    there is a another better entry level start for me.....

  2. To tell you the throught not much is different when it comes to the fuction of the view cameras! I have a Linhof Teknica III! It works fine I love it and I wouldn't change it for anything else!

    But the lenses went throught a lot's of things! Coating it is! look into it! If the lenses are at least single coated than you don't have to deal with a lot's of chromatic abberations but it do have an effect your colour work! The lenses you could get with the camera are okay you hawe a wide normal and the longer lens! It do you almost all type of work!
  3. I don't know the Linhofs, but a 9x12 will not take a 4x5 film holder, if that is what you're asking.

    Any Linhof experts out there? Can you answer whether the back on the camera can be changed, and is it worth it? (Would it be cheaper just to get a Linhof with the 4x5 back?)

    9x12 is a nice format, if you have the film holders and if you can get the film.
  4. I have a Technika II that was modified (not by me) to take 3-1/4 x 4-1/4 sheet film holders. Since both holders and film is readily available I have used it (lens is a Zeiss Protar) a number of times with great success.

    I imagine that it could be modified for 4x5 but that would likely be expensive. The Technika III (which I also have) has more extensive movements, easier availability of lensboards and can use any available 4x5 film with modern holders. They are reasonably priced and often come with 3 lenses.

    Ron Gratz
  5. The Technika II was made from 1936 to 1946 so you're looking at a camera that was first made 70 years ago and last made 60 years ago. IMHO the Technika III would be a much better choice than the III and the Technika IV would be a better choice than the III for a few hundred dollars more. While people can and do use the Tech III, the IV added front forward tilt, a lens board size that's still in use, zero detents, greater degree of shift, and some other things. There actually were five different versions of the Tech III so if you go that route it helps to know which version you are buying but that isn't a problem with the Tech IV and later models.
  6. Darko,
    Stay away from 9x12. The format does not exist here.Holders almost cannot be found.
    Film is
    not sold in that size

    Look for a newer 4x5. A more modern 4x5.
    You don't need problems, starting out

  7. My understanding is that modern 9x12 cm and 4x5 inch holders have the same exterior dimensions and so can be used interchangably in a 9x12cm / 4x5 inch camera. Linhof prefers to call their cameras 9x12 cm in the Eurpoean market and 4x5 inch in the American market. But I don't have personal experience using modern 4x5 holders on an old Linhof camera....

    See and
  8. Thanks everyone for the information.The main goal for me was can I use 4X6 film ( I live in Croatia and not far away from Fotokemika which is producer of Efke films, I visit them recently for buying MF and 35mmm film. so PL-100 4x5 would not be problem for me,considering the film abilitty)....once again ,thanks everyone for the informations, they where very usefull for me, I will choose the way to look for some modern equipment Tech.III or IV....

  9. The Linhof II came with a back for single plate holders, and 4x5" plate holders are different from 9x12cm ones.

    But many owners replaced the back with "modern" international backs when they became available. It's easy to see the difference: The plate holder back is only a cm thick, the film holder backs are about 3cm thick.

    So take a good look at the back before making your mind up. If it does have a "film" back, drop me a note and I'll give you an original plate back if you want one.
  10. Thanx Ole, I have not yet make up my mind....

  11. But this is what I am talking about, is it worth to by....

    Maker: Linhof
    Type: Technika II 9x12cm
    Serial No: 15016
    Condition: B+
    Prod. Year: 1936

    nice Technika outfit in matching leather case with Voigtl䮤er Heliar 4. 5/15cm in Compur shutter, Doppel Anastigmat Symmar 6. 8/10. 5cm in Compur, Tele-Xenar 5,5/24cm in Compur, hood, filters, sports finder and film holders in leather case, clean and perfect working
  12. That's a 9x12cm plate back, and a stack of 9x12cm plate holders. If they have (or you can get) film inserts for those plate holders, they can use 9x12cm film. Not 4x5", though. But I use EFKE film in my 9x12cm plate cameras, so that should be easily available.

    The lenses are fine, even if uncoated. The Heliar will have the most "flare" with its six surfaces, but is a really nice lens (I have one, and it's great!).
    The Symmar is one of the old "Dagor-type" triple convertible, with only four surfaces. Should be nice and sharp, too. If used converted it's not so great, but it's still usable (small apertures only).
    The 250 Tele lens is also only 4 surfaces, and should be a nice portrait lens for that size film.
  13. Addendum: I see now the Symmar is a 105mm. Coverage will be very tight, as it indeed is for all of those lenses. If you want LF for the movements, this kit is not so great. Even the limited movements available on the Technika II are more than the lenses will cover.
  14. Thanks Ole, once again. You know it is realy funny. I am living in Croatia, In small town Pozega,but my job is tied with Zagreb, also have rented appartment there, and I am using Efke films for my MF and 35mm photos, easily I can provide as much as you can imagine Efke films because factory is in Samobor, 20 km from Zagreb. Every 2-3 month I am there for getting fresh tomorow I will be there and I will get my answers about the way this complete is 595 �....
  15. PS: 595 Euros....
  16. Darko,

    Just picking up a Technika III for $380, although Ebay and obviously cannot confirm the condition until I handle it (supposed to be working fine). For a few euros more, you would be in Technika IV land, on Ebay at least.

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