Linhof Super Technika V

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  1. Hi from Spain,
    I'm look for a list of serial numbers for Linhof Super Technika V
    I have this camera whit nº 82385 and I don't know the year of manufacture.
    Can someone help me? I know that Bob Salomon is a great specialist, is he here yet?
    Thanks for all
  2. Creo que en large format photography forum hay un hilo con números de serie. También está Bob Salomon.
  3. Gracias Ramiro, echaré un vistazo a ver si encuentro algo.
  4. You are the faster!!!!
    Thanks Bob, and regards
  5. Hi Bob,
    By observation, I found concerning the post-WWII Linhof serial numbers;
    2000 to 6000+ (four-digit numbers) appear to be Technika II and non-rangefinder Technika III cameras,
    22500 to 24000? appear to be rangefinder-coupled Technika III (E’s?), (E for ‘Entfernungsmesser’?)
    33500 to 34000+ appear to be 13x18cm Technika II’s,
    15000 to ? appear to be Technika III’s with the new rangefinder which moved the articulating back release knob
    to the top of the camera housing (on earlier cameras they were located on the side of the camera).
    Does this make sense with your list?
    Many Thanks in advance and Best Wishes,
    Rick Shimonkevitz

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