Linhof Kardan Color monorail expansion: Horseman LX or Linhof GTL?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by thomas_diekwisch|1, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. Probably one of these stupid: which equipment is better questions.
    But I am thinking back and forth and thought maybe somebody here can
    offer advice. I have an old Kardan Color with all the accessories,
    including several lenses on Kardan boards, backs, and "Winkelspiegel"
    (just love that word). It's the simple model which doesn't allow
    extension of the monorail beyond 300mm. Now I want a longer base for
    some lenses and at least some movements with numbers on the holmes.
    The geared movements of the Horseman and the X-shaped rail appear
    attractive, but I have never used a Horseman LF. Also, do my Linhof
    Kardan boards fit on the Horseman? Does anybody know that?
    Alternatively, I'd have complete trust in Linhof quality based on my
    old one, and I have a number of accessories. I guess they'd be both
    adaptable to digital use at some point? Anybody willing to offer
  2. Why not pick up a Linhof Bi camera - a beefed up version of your Kardan model that can offer you all of the flexibility you could imagine. Plus, you can keep your lensboards and you don't have to worry about learning a new camera, just adding some new features to your existing knowledge base. I would bet that the lensboards are not compatable without an adapted board. Good Luck.
  3. Michael's approach is a good one. OTOH if you want to switch to Horseman
    you may need to go to an entie new system. The lensboards are a different
    size (but you can buy an adapter board at a huge price) and other
    accessories may not fit either. If you do decide to go with Horseman you will
    find that it is a smooth, solidly made and well finished system, IMHO easily the
    equal of Linhof, Sinar and Arca. All of the Horseman and Sinar accessories
    (or nearly all) are interchangable. But again why switch if you cna move up
    for less money?

    Good luck
  4. Thomas: The Kardan GTL is as full featured a camera as ever made. Mind, with such a camera you do not travel. It weights 18 pounds. However, it is incredibly solid, it has every movement you can think of, it is yaw-free, has scales for every movement,wonderful ergonomics and it is LINHOF. That means it is logical, sturdy and exquisite. If you are looking for a studio camera and specially, if you do commercial photography you can not go wrong with it. The GTL has lots of geared movements where they are helpful but avoids those that can be a hindrance. For example the rear standard is geared but the front one is not. (That presumes that you will set the front standard to the front of the monorail and use the rear standard for focusing). If however, landscapes are your thing , I would look at the other Linhofs. There are indeed many other excellent cameras including the Horseman you mention, Sinar and Arca, but unless you have a particular need that the other cameras fulfill more adequately, Linhof in my experience is always a good place to put your money.

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