Linhof Kardan Color and Bi

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  1. This is for the Linhof experts. Does anybody know whether the rails
    and/or the clamps for the Linhof Kardan Bi and Color are
    interchangeable? Thanks in advance. Tom.
  2. I do not have a Color, but I have a Bi and after checking with my Linhof research books, it appears that the main rail is similar on both the Bi and the Color. The rails have a center recess on the top and a screw in cap on the ends. With a similar rail, the center clamp should also be the same. Maybe Bob Solomon will chime in for the definitive answer.
  3. If you are comparing the B to the 45 Color S then no. They are different and
    there are no longer rails for the 45S.

    If you mean the original version of the Super Color then yes. The Original
    Super Color used the same rail as the B.

    If you mean the Color Kardan then no.

    Could you be specific?
  4. Thanks Michael for your kind reply. Gosh, Bob, your expertise is encyclopedic. You are a real asset to

    In my own case, I had to go back home and look up which model I have, and in fact it is the Kardan Color 45S. So, looks like I can't mix parts together. Too bad.

    Thanks for your advise though.

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