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  1. Just baught Linhof color kardan, 5 Linhof 9x12 holders, Schneider-Kreuznach
    150 mm/4.5 Xenar...Need some advices about film /redyloads/quickloads/holders/
    and some general tips about using this camera...I am LF beginner and any
    advice about this camera is welocome...I have expirineces with MF (have
    Hasselblad, and Roleiflex), and 35 mmm (Leicaflex SL2 and Leica IIIa)....

  2. Hi and congrats. How much did you pay for it? The Kardan gives you good movements to correct or alter perspective and dof. Not sure what coverage the lens you have will provide. I have the Technika 70 with 80mm Xenotar.

  3. Hi Ben, I was lucky, I have change my Mamiya m645 system (two lenses and lot of accesosries)for this one. As I did not use my Mamiya I decide to change it for something in LF (for MF have Hasselblad also), and I think that I was lucky, a guy give me Linhof...1:1, I have not to pay anything......

  4. Just looked up the image circle of the 150mm F/4.5 Xenar and it's shown as 180mm @ f/16 when focused at infinity. Not quite as much as the 150mm Symar (210mm) but it is a stop faster so ground glass viewing/focusing will be brighter. You may have to be careful about cut off if you use much in the way of movements.

    What sort photography will you be using the Linhof for? I had a Kardon for a number of years before switching to a Technica V . My favorite lens on the Kardon was the 90mm f/8 Super Angulon. Fortunately I got it with a cam so can now use it on the Technica with rangefinder focusing. I joke that it's a Leica on steroids and have used it hand held with Tri-X. ;-)

    Have fun, the Kardon is a capable camera.

    Another good site for LF info is this one...
  5. Well Glenn, thanks for tips...Karadan will be used for landscapes od course and mostly for portraits and some table top work (still life...), as I live in Zagreb, Croatia , and very near Fotokemika (EFKE films) and I can get them double low priced as they come to the market, it will be great enjoyment with B&W, EFKE PL-25 (and ortho also), and EFKE PL-50, EFKE PL-100...just wonder about you know can I get good results if I make contact prints and then scan them....??

  6. You can get great results with Efke, lucky you for living so close.

    Glen, so if I have a rangefinder cam on the Linhof 70 with matching serial numbers to the Xenotar, does that mean I can use the cam and the lens on ither cameras too?

  7. Hi Ben. I'm not sure about that model of Linhof. I think Technicas before the V had to have the cam cut to fit camera and lens as a unit. For example my 90mm and cam would work on another Technica V, but not on an earlier model. The lens would probably be OK, but the cam wouldn't work/fit. In my case I picked up a 90mm SA that already had the cam with it and was able to use it with cam on the Technica V and without cam on the Kardan. Hope that makes sense?

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