Linhof Color 4x5/9x12 cm

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  1. As I am new to LF, and got a chance to change my Mamiya 645 system for almost
    in mint condition Linhof Color 4x5/9x12 cm + Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 150/4.5
    and 5 9x12 cm holders+macro extension rail, I have some questions and need

    1.Where I can find specifications for this camera,till today I tought I have
    Linhof color kardan, but now I have discover that it is not same camera, my
    looks almost like Technika IV or V, need some advices about front/back
    tilt/swing coverage, and some usefull tips....please consider that I am novice
    to LF if I my questions are bit strange.....

    2.Also got Schneider-Kreuznach Angulon 120/6,8 (uncoated),think that is prewar
    lens....any thoughts???

    3.Also I have mounted on a lensboard Carl Zeiss Tessar 105/4.5 (prewar-
    uncoated)...can I espect some results from this lens, it was quite good to me
    on a Zeiss Icarette 6x9.....shooting b&w....

    If you find some simple and usefull advices for me, please help novice....

  2. Congratulations and welcome to Linhof.

    Useful resources -

    1. the home page for Linhof:

    2. cameraquest to examine Linhofs:

    3. Large Format Forum - many people to discuss your Linhof:

  3. This is a wonderful viewcamera, Darko. However it is heavy as sin! I loved mine for inside work, but it broke me down lugging that weight around. Be careful you carefully evaluate what you want to use the camera for. I found it was unsuitable for outdoor work - for me - further than a short walking distance from the car.
  4. The naming of Linhof cameras is as confusing as the numbering of Zeiss stuff. It's not really clear which camera you have. Can you post a picture?
  5. Bill, the Color is also known as the Technika-on-a-rail. That help?
  6. I am glad you got all the good answers.

    No my rant - WTF is it with people who buy things before they even know how they work?

    Never happned in my generation. What's going on? People with more dollars than sense? I this a lark thing?

  7. Thnx to all, I am happy with answers, was browsing all these sites much before and have small collections of knowledge about classic camera, just want to be sure about Linhof what camera I have because there is not sign on camera about the name, just "Linhof" title, I know that it is "Technika" on rail an I am clear with my susspistion....

    Thanx once again all of you guys.......

  8. Hi Darko,

    just a few notes to your lenses as others handled the Technika-specs. Uncoated don't mean useless. The Angulon is made of 6 lenses cemented together in only 2 elements so it should be at least equal to your Tessar. Your Tessar won't cover 4x5'', it's for 6x9cm. Your Angulon will cover 4x5'' with little movements. I had one prewar and was not satisfied. So I changed it to a postwar-version which is much better. 120mm is a nice focal length, a little bit wider then normal. Try it and keep it if it fits your needs, then look for a coated 180 to 210mm lens. Old Symmars are cheap.

    kind regards Thomas
  9. The Linhof Color is a great little camera, and (IMO) light enough to carry in the field. The movements are similar to those of the Technikas - rear movements on the "posts", front swing, tilt, shift and rise/fall. One of the knobs on top of the front standard is loosened and the other one pushed in to tilt, then the knob is tightened again to lock the front in place. Despite using one for six years I can never remember which knob is which.

    The Xenar 150/4.5 is a very good, sharp lens. The coverage is slightly limited, but plenty for most landscape use. It's also enough for most studio work, as the coverage (in mm) increases when you focus close. The main limitation will be with architecture, where the camera will also be less than ideal.

    The Angulon 120/6.8 was made for 5x7", so there's plenty of coverage for any movement you can get from the Color! I like Angulons - they're small, sharp, and has great coverage.

    The Tessar 105mm won't cover 9x12cm. Maybe it illuminates the whole area, maybe not. Anyway the outer 15mm or so in each corner will be mush (or black).
  10. I got an instruction manual for the Linhof Color from the seller at EvilBay - see item #320037808256

    Or go to his home site and pay $2 less here:

    His copies are immaculate and well covered and bound. I have a few.
  11. Hi Pico,
    thanks for informations, I have alleredy downloaded the manual...
    very usefull....


  12. Hi Ole,
    You suggestion where very usefull for me from the start...I am very happy with this camera, and as you say I can carry it in the field...alleredy find some case....I see that Xenar has circle that allows only selected movements, have to be carefull, and I am glad that 120 Angulon allows much more....did not have time to check this lens, but this weekend I will try it....
    thanks a lot....

  13. The Color is not as handy for carrying as the Technika, but it is not as terribly expensive, either. :) It is certainly more steady and rugged than some spendy studio cameras which don't have to cope with breezes.

    I use mine with wide, usually 75mm lenses, the 75mm Biogon or Super-Angulon, depending on movements required. The downside is that one has to move the tripod/rail mount outside the two standards which creates an unbalanced setup. I have shortened a spare rail and am machining a tripod/rail mount so that it can be where it belongs: between the rails.

    When it is done I'll post pictures.
  14. Pico,
    that is a good idea to shorten spare rail for more balancing when shooting wide, for the begening I have Super Angulon 8/120 and I have also discover that problem....I am in a studdy phase, still concerned about critical focusing then anything else, so if you finde some usefull tips for a novice on fire, please...anything helps...but as you can see in my portfolio I am not new in photography, just try to master LF best I can.....


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