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  1. Hi,
    i own a linhof techinkardan 23 and i would like to use it with my hasselblad cfv digital back (V serie). I have seen on the internet some adapters and i would like to know your experience about that. would you suggest me wich one wuold be the best. I found the widepan:
    is it enough or do i need to buy something else to use it?
    the price is lower than linhof adapter, is there any differece between the two?
  2. The CFV back requires synchronization with the shutter. This can be done using a cable to the shutter sync terminal.
    As long as you can provide that control, and the back mounts correctly on the camera, it should work.
    - Leigh
  3. With the Linhof adapter you know you will have the proper ground glass/image plane alignment to ensure the sharpest results (assuming the use of the proper optics within their optimization range).
    Since even their description is erroneous, Linhof never made any Master Technika cameras in any size other then 4x5, you should be wary of any claims made by them.
  4. I found that when you are dealing with this level of precision it is best to got with OEM items.
    Fotodiox stuff are very good but we are talking about groundglass image plane precision. They probably measure a Linhof and made the calculations where the linhof one is spec'd from the design drawings.
  5. I'm all for saving a few bucks when possible. But digital backs require a very high level of precision. If I were going to the trouble of shooting digital with a view camera, I'd go with the Linhof adaptor.

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