Lincoln Memorial

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  1. With ye old Olympus XA. Low tech '70-'80's stuff ...
  2. Can't resist ... here's the Washington Monument ...
  3. Great photos. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a digital version of this classic little rangefinder? It's the only camera I have owned more than 20 years that I've never been tempted to sell or trade.
  4. I would love a digital version of the XA. In fact, there are a whole slew of digitals with the came cigarette pack size, but I've never seen on with a short-base rangefinder and eye-level viewfinder. All the new digitals have the viewing LCD on the back that I don't really like.
  5. I agree. I finally gave in and purchased the Canon S90 with it's 2.0 lens, front function ring and its high ISO capability. It seemed to be the best of what's out there. I wish it had a viewfinder, but I found the viewfinders on the G2, G6 and G9's I had pretty much worthless for accuracy. What prompted me to purchased the S90 was that I was taking so many photos with my iPhone because "it was the camera I had with me" which makes it "the best camera in the world." The S90 isn't much bigger and of course the quality is first rate for a point and shoot. Maybe someone will build a fixed-lens pocketable small rangefinder camera some day. We can only hope and wish.
  6. Lincoln memorial -
  7. Yea, Frederick. Glad to see you shooting in the old USA!!
  8. Yea, Frederick. Glad to see you shooting in the old USA!!
  9. It sure is refreshing, Paul!

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