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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by cts, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. cts


    I have a question about the webmaster "selected" pictures rating system.
    The FAQ says:
    "How do I get my photo placed in the "Rate selected photos" rotation?
    All uploaded photos that a photographer has made publicly viewable and available for critique are candidates to be placed in the ratings rotation. Each day approximately 100 photos are manually selected and placed in the ratings rotation.

    If your photo is selected, it will appear in the ratings rotation approximately two days after it was submitted.
    My Question:
    It seems that selected photos are shown in the ratings rotation up to 6 or 7 ratings. After that, they seem to be excluded from this rotation, while in the past the picture stayed online more days and received more ratings.
    Is it a new rule ?
    Thanks for your help.
  2. They are sorted into three groups: (1) photos with 6 ratings or less
    (2) photos with less than 20 ratings (3) photos with more than 20 ratings. Within each group, they are sorted by average rating. What this means is that the highest rated photos get six ratings (enough to qualify for the "Last 2 Days" Top page) then give way to photos that don't have 6 ratings yet. Then when all the photos have six ratings, the highest rated ones are again at the top of the list until they have 20 ratings. Most of the time, this doesn't happen because there are too many photos and too few raters for all of them to have six ratings.

    This basically gives all photos in the list a chance to get ratings. Lately, the list is somewhat misnamed because we haven't been selecting them, so there are a lot more in the rotation than previously.
  3. cts


    This is a good system. But why waiting for all the pictures having 6 ratings before presenting the best pictures in the list ?
    This "blocks" the "evolution" of the good pictures, waiting for the less good ones beeing rated ...
    Why not making this evolution from (1) to (2) for pictures that have been rated 6 times and that have more that X or Y in their average rating before Z days ?
  4. I think the purpose of doing this is so that the last ones in the list get play too. How many times have you gone from beginning to end of the list? I think most people dont. So, this gives a fairly even rotation. maybe it should be more like... whenever one of the images gets a rating, it should be dropped to the end of the list, but not dropped from the list.

    That way the order would be more fair about it's play of the images?

    just my thoughts
  5. The reason that it is structured this way is that we are trying to get as many photos as possible to the six ratings needed to qualify for the Top Photos for the "Last 2 Days" and the "Last Week". Once they are in that venue, they are visible enough that the really good ones can get enough ratings to qualify for the longer time views.

    If we just presented the photos with the lowest number of ratings first then not as many photos would reach the magic 6 ratings, there being so many more photos than raters. We would have a system for several hundred photos to get a few ratings but we wouldn't be finding photos to present in Top Photos, etc. The way we do it, once a photo has a single rating, it is in play, The highest rated photos with less than 6 are near the top of the list and, if the high average is sustained by the subsequent ratings, it rapidly gets its 6 ratings and make way for other photos.

    The problem with our approach is that good photos that are 200 or more deep into the list never get a single rating so that they are put into play. The other defect of our approach is that it puts a lot of importance on the first few ratings. A low rating in the first six can ruin a photo's chances of getting visibility.
  6. Brian, I wonder if you have compared the number of 'request for
    critique' images on the Top/Week, and especially the top 2-day, page
    compared to those that were uploaded and rated without being placed in
    the rotation.
  7. The top 2 day won't contain many photos that got there due from rotation ratings because photos don't go into the rotation until the second day after they were submitted. Only fairly late in the day to the rotation ratings start having an impact on that view. That view is dominated by photos that got attention prior to going into the rotation. (For this reason, I am thinking of making it the "Last 3 Days".)

    As for the Week view, I unfortunately don't know where a rating came from. So I can't tell what percentage of a top photo's ratings came from being in the rotation.
  8. Brian, Thanks for your response.

    I'm sure you've done this . . . . . If you run 'photographer's
    average / week' and the number of images exceeds four, than you know
    that photographer has visitors in sufficient numbers to not need the
    request for critique list, at least not for all of them.

    What would you say to changing the default search to 'photographer's
    average' for both '3 day' and 'week'. . .

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