Lightroom: View image in full screen without going into slideshow mode?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by dannytekino, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I've just started using lightroom. When viewing images in the library mode, is
    it possible to see them in full screen, or is that only possible with the
    slideshow option? I'm used to using iPhoto, and with iPhoto it's quite easy to
    press the 'full screen' button to see a larger version of any particular photo.

  2. Yes, just press the letter 'L'and then again...and again!<br>You can also also collapse/minimise the two side bars at any time by using the arrow symbols which are on the outer edges halfway down the left and right edges of your screen.
  3. if you press the 'tab' button it will get rid of the side bars. press the 'f' button twice and it will make it full screen. press the 'l' button and it will give you the 'lights out' screen. also try pressing the f5 and f6 buttons. they will get rid of your top and bottom menus. i think it's f5 and f6. if not try f7 f8.
  4. Shift-tab hides all four panels. That's the easiest way to maximize your image.

    You can get a little more real estate by going into full-screen mode (F twice), which will eliminate the menu bar. And T will toggle the toolbar.
  5. Summary:
    F F ... from default give you full screen mode<br>
    E ... single image view<br>
    Shift-TAB ... hide all panels<br>
    T ... hide toolbar<br>
    L L ... Lights out mode
    That gives you the biggest on screen view without going to a "full screen" slide show.
  6. Awesome guys. Thanks a lot. Yes, the shift-tab key command with F, F will do me fine. Not a total full-screen, but certainly close enough. I appreciate your help.

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