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  1. I've just been made aware of Luminar 2018 which is now available for Windows and with a DAM to follow.

    This is not a recommendation I only whats in the youtube vid, link attached.
  2. It's the principle for me, I like to own stuff outright, not be on a leash with yet another bill.
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  3. In no particular order:

    Image Processing Applications / Software

    +++++ AKA: alternatives to Photoshop +++++

    Pixelmator Pro

    CameraBag RAW

    RAW Therapee

    DxO Optics Pro 10

    ON1 Photo 10

    Pixlr Editor

    Serif Affinity Photo


    Capture 1

    Corel PaintShop Pro X8
    Corel AfterShot Pro 3

    ACD Systems ACDSee Pro 6 and ACDSee Photo Editor

    MacPhun Luminar 1.0 and Luminar 2018
    MacPhun Creative Kit 2016





    Alien Skin Software Exposure X2

    Cyberlink PhotoDirector 7

    Zoner Photo Studio 18

    Aftershot Pro

    Topaz Labs - many products, many plugins

    The Best Photography Software for 2017 is...

    Best photo editing software in 2017 | TechRadar

    +++++ AKA: alternatives to Lightroom +++++

    Photo Mechanic Version 5

    Cyberlink PhotoDirector 8 Ultra

    XnView MP

    darktable | the photo workflow software

  4. I don't like or need the library function in Lightroom. I use Lightroom 6.13 and set it to write edits to xmp files. You have to import the images into the Lightroom library in order to edit them, but after I export edited files I remove them from the Lightroom library. If I need to make additional changes in the future I just import them again and since they have xmp files they open with the last edits. I complete any changes, export completed files, and remove from the library. My Lightroom library is empty unless I am editing something. Works for me.
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    Why would anyone do this? It's simply an organizational tool that takes up little space. Deleting it serves no purpose and does away with the ability in the future to use its organizational capabilities for old images.
  6. I don't need or want the organization tool in Lightroom. I don't want to follow the rules required to use a database.
  7. My objection to Lightroom is not the subscription price - I can understand the arguments in favour of it. But what really bugs me is that Adobe insists on installing various background processes whose purpose is obscure. Yes, I use Lightroom, but I do lots of other things on my computer (a Mac), and I do not want anything running in background unless it is necessary for my current task. I wish that Lightroom behaved: it can check for updates and licenses when I launch it, or periodically while it is running. There is really no need for it to be doing anything at all after I quit Lightroom.
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  8. I downloaded the 7 day trial of PS CC yesterday because I needed to work on a PSD file with smart object layers which aren't compatible with Affinity Photo. Maybe it would be useful if Adobe also offered short-term subscriptions like for example for 2 weeks (instead of having to sign-up for a monthly subscription and then cancel) for those users who might only need it every so often when working with specific files.
  9. Just as a reminder. Those using Macs will loose the capability to run legacy (32-bit) apps when High Sierra's replacement comes out (e.g., LINK). Windows has its own ways around the legacy problems....

    So if you mean to keep updates coming in the future, you need to check before you leap.

    Myself, I run too many older programs so I will just stay with High Sierra, where they mostly work fine, for the time being.

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