Lightroom: "photos have read only access"

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by twmeyer, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Window 7 Pro, LR 4.2:

    In attempting "Save Metadata to files" I get this: "photos have read only access".
  2. Without providing more information about your workflow, it would be difficult to say.
    Have you checked to make sure the files you're attempting to update are not marked "Read Only" by the OS?
  3. Or the entire drive, directory, or folder can be restricted to 'read only', especially if another ID is used by the system administrator.
  4. A variation similar to Curt's suggestion is that folder security may be set so you don't have full control (read/write/modify etc). Windows 7 tends to do this with external drives it thinks are "Archives"
  5. Just a thought, but you aren't reading your photos off of a CD or DVD drive are you; i.e. the folder is on a CD or DVD? If so, the OS won't be able to write to the original folder.
  6. It's an OS issue, resolved by Manage, under My Computer (right click), Disk Management, Properties, Security, Permissions.
    Thanks all... t
  7. Oh and it has to be done by each disk in which you want full control over file modifications and location... t

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