LightRoom, locking the panels?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by bdp, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. bdp


    I don't seem to find it here or in the LR help files. I don't know if it
    exists, but is there a way to lock the side panels so that when, in develope
    mode (for what I'm referring to), and I'm scrolling thru the presets and I
    accidentally click on that friggin < section and hide the panel by mistake,
    that I can stop this from happening?

    I find that more annoying than anything when you accidentally click the panel
    hide section.

    Is there a way to stop that from happening?

  2. i agree with you. i'm pretty sure i remember seeing a way to do this on unfortunetly i haven't subscribed to it recently so i can't access the answer for you. i'll check back here for the answer.
  3. Right click on the triangle that opens the side panel. Select manual. Will only open when you click on the triangle.
  4. bdp


    Matthew, I thought you had it, made sense, but I don't see any difference in either of the 3 settings. If I set it to manual, and click anywhere in the edge area, the panel goes away, manual, auto, etc.

    I restarted my PC and LR just to be safe and haven't noticed any difference.
  5. The right-click settings options allow you to lock-out the automatic deployment of the
    panels when you mouse over the edge region without clicking. There isn't any way to lock the
    activity of the panels when you *click* in the the edge regions ... that's the basic way to
    control them. Only thing you can do is to learn not to click there.

  6. Sorry Bob, I misunderstood, in regards to you actual question, Not possible as far as I know.

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