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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by memecafe, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. For something that is supposed to speed the workflow, I am sitting and waiting
    for basic adjustments, sometimes up to 10 minutes. And, a lot of times I can't
    tell what an image looks like bcause it will look normal then all of a sudden
    change to an extremely different exposure and w/b. I went and bought another
    gig of memory thinking this would solve it. Nope. Any suggestions? Anyone
    experiencing similar problems with lightroom?
    Stacy Librandi
  2. Something is definitely wrong with your computer set up.
  3. I agree, probably a computer problem. Maybe not enough RAM.

    The snob in me thinks this is probably happening on a PC?? :)
  4. Snappy, quick, and responsive on my Vista/SP1 notebook.

    I wouldn't wait for three minutes, much less ten for anything to happen on a PC.
  5. Trying cleaning your computer with Advanced Windows Care Personal 2.7 (free from - best Windows cleaner out there :)

    (assuming you're running windows)

    Waiting 10 minutes for anything when you have a gig of RAM means you've definitely got
    issues other than LR ...
  6. Stacy, how old is your computer? How much RAM is in it? How full is your hard drive? Have you done a disk cleanup, disk defrag? (windows)
    Have you deleted your temp files? Have you run msconfig and deleted unnessessary programs in the startup?
  7. I am on a dual PowerPC G5, with 4GB of RAM and it's lightening fast. More information on your system will probably be beneficial in getting you more specific help...but yeah, 10 minutes for basic adjustments means something is definitely wrong.

  8. I'm running a MAC Pro Quad Core with 16Gb RAM. L/R works extremely fast...and that's while running a simultaneous batch process in Photoshop 3.

    As many "new" digital photographers are learning, you've gotta have budget not only for camera/lenses, but also the "backroom" software and hardware to support the capture equipment.
  9. First, run your anti-virus software.

    If you don't have any anti-virus software you should invest in some; this may be the problem too unless it's just lightroom that slows down the computer ... just a thought.
  10. This is all pointless until we know what kind of computer you have - adding RAM is pointless
    if you are trying to run Lightroom on a G3 or Pentium 2!
  11. Hello, Stacy! What is the speed of your computer? Ghz? Any videocard?

    and do you know what is running on startup? Have a antivirus, firewall, etc running on the background? Or perhaps you have a virus. trojan, etc? There are many causes so we have to figure out which one is it...
  12. Still stupidly slow on my dual 2.2ghz with 3 gig RAM, so is the newer bridge though not that bad, I still use the CS2 bridge for sorting, it can make thumbnails of 1000 files within 20 seconds, the new Bridge takes about 10 minutes with 'low quality', lightroom takes about 10 seconds to show a 100% preview of a 5D file, ACR does it in 2 seconds....
  13. Are you using the 2.0 beta? The beta is runs quite slow on my computer as well. Not 10 minutes slow though.
  14. bdp


    Stacy what is your computers Processor (if it's less than 2ghz on a P4, or slower), that could be your problem.

    I have a P4 3.06ghz w/1gb or RAM and it was quick in Library mode, but sluggish (no where near 10 min) in Develop mode. Each image would take about 8secs before the Loading indicator stopped and slider response was sluggish.

    I just got a new 2.4gz Quad-Core w/4gb Ram and develop mode is instant on sliders and about 1-2 seconds for Loading to stop.

    This is on both 1.3 and Beta2
  15. Everyone's focused on the hardware and I/O, which could certainly be a part of it, but... Are you rendering previews on import, and are your previews configured to be at least as big as your monitor? If not, try that.

    My next guess is disk I/O bottlenecks. Disk I/O is at least as important as CPU power and memory for applications like this, but is often overlooked -- and don't forget that some anti-virus software interjects itself in every disk write. Try disabling it to see if it makes a night-and-day sort of difference.

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