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  1. While I'm satisfied with mpix for their prints to Ilford b&w RC paper, I'm a bit frustrated by the lack of a direct export from Lightroom to mpix. (According to Jeffrey Friedl: "Don’t expect (a Lightroom-to-mpix exporter plugin) any time soon… mpix has made it clear that they do not want an uploader from Lightroom. No idea why. —Jeffrey")
    This lack of an export feature helped me to miss a deadline for a free shipping offer this week for mpix. Too bad. I had organized the photos I wanted printed into a Lightroom collection, which was useless for uploading to mpix. I had to go through Windows Explorer, which took much longer and I missed the deadline by five minutes.
    Any other recommendations for online printing services that do play nice with Lightroom? Otherwise I suppose I'll need to use one of Lightroom's options for starring, flagging or marking files to be printed in a way that can also be recognized by Windows Explorer, since that's the usual default for online uploaders from Windows PCs.
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    Any other recommendations for online printing services that do play nice with Lightroom?​
    I'd ping Jeffrey and ask him, he's a very smart fellow that knows about these options (I personally haven't used any).
  3. Can you use the Lightroom FTP plugin?
  4. Lex,
    Why not just export them (setting them to the specs you require for Mpix) to a special folder and then use the MPix tool to navigate to the folder and upload them en masse. I don't really see the problem? I do this with Bay Photo all the time. It's only slightly less convenient than using a Lightroom add on, surely?
  5. There is a non-free upload plugin for Adorama last time I looked. However, I didn't want to pay the money so did it very efficiently using Robin's method.

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