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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by ni_gentry, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Anyone able to download Lightroom yet?
    I did the pre-order thing a few days ago and got the email this morning that it's available for download,
    but when I follow the link it says it's not available yet, etc...
    I should just wait a day, but wondering if anyone else was able to get it yet...
  2. I pre-ordered mine on January 29th..... when I go to my account to look up my order it shows that it's still pending, but it also says that it should be available for download on 2/18 (today).....

    No email yet from Adobe though either. :(
  3. I "purchased physical goods" and have not received a notification of availability or a tracking number.
  4. I rodered a download and a Physical disk($20 dollars more to get both) My DL says available 2/18 but the disk wont shio til 2/25.
  5. Anyone downloading the Mac version? I'm just curious.
    I don't recall there was a differentiation when I ordered.
    Now when I go to the download page it only shows a Windows version download. Is this just
    a typo on the page? Or do I have to contact Adobe and tell them I need the Mac version? I
    just phoned their customer support and they're closed now.
    Anyone on a Mac seeing the same thing?
  6. The download filename is "LTRM_WWE_win.exe" which sure sounds like it's a Windows
    executable. Damn, now I have to wait and contact Adobe.

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