Lightroom blinkies fixed in version 5?

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  1. I forgot to check this myself a few months ago when I used the trial version of Lightroom 5. And this problem may affect only Windows PCs, so if you're using Mac you may not have experienced it.
    If you're not already familiar with the problem, it's described here: "Display 'flashes', edits lost".
    Basically, with LR4 (and possibly earlier), an odd problem occurs when going through Lightroom to apply additional edits in Nik, DxO FilmPack, Perfect Effects, etc. After the edits are applied and you're returned to Lightroom, the newly edited files (JPEG, TIFF, whatever) behave oddly. After every additional edit choice (for example, tweaking color, sharpness, anything at all), the photo will blink or flash, causing a delay of a few seconds after every editing tool adjustment. It's annoying, especially when finessing subtle additional adjustments.
    So far the only effective "fix" has been to exit and restart Lightroom. Adjusting the autowrite to XMP options hasn't helped. It isn't a matter of syncing the folder either. I've tried one way with my desktop PC and another with the laptop, both running LR4. Same problem every time.
    I do most editing in Lightroom so it's only an occasional annoyance, but it's enough to keep me from buying Nik. My versions of DxO FilmPack3 and Perfect Effects 8 are freebies so I'm not too annoyed by the blinkies+restart Lightroom "fix". But I would be annoyed if I'd purchased Nik and realized this problem continues with LR5. Apparently it's not the fault of the external editors, and I'm not sure whether Adobe has ever issued an official fix for this problem.
  2. I've never seen it but I wonder if it is related to how much RAM you have available, how powerful your computer is, how busy to is with other programs, and how
    filled the hard drives are where you store your images (the image library) and the one where your catalog ((the catalog is
    where the information (metadata) about your images are and processing "formulas" (also metadata) for each image,
  3. digitaldog

    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    Never seen this either. I suspect it's an issue with the plug-in's which I never use (they don't work on the raw data, I don't see the point).
  4. I had the same problem with Lightroom 4. I now have Lightroom 5 and hadn't realized, until you brought it up, that I couldn't remember having the same problem with it. I just ran a few images through different outside editors and then made some adjustments in Lightroom afterwards. The tifs all edited quickly with no blinking once they were back in Lightroom. If it was a RAM issue, then Adobe has tweeked how they work with it because I am still using the same computer for 5 that I was for 4.
  5. Thanks, Bryan, sounds like the problem has been fixed. My memory is fuzzy but I think I tried both LR5 and the Nik suite at the same time last year and don't recall any blinkies. It was only awhile later, after using DxO FilmPack3 and Perfect Effects 8 through LR4, that I noticed the blinkies.
    Reminds me, I need to upgrade to LR5. Every time I use the spotting tools extensively in LR4 I find myself cussing because LR5 is so much better at that. Usually I don't notice but since using a pinhole adapter on my dSLR I'm having to do a lot more spotting.
  6. I had a "lite" version of this with LR4 on my Mac. Occasional flicker when returning from 1:1 to the 'fit' view, etc. It never elevated to having to restart. Gone now in LR5. I have had to restart LR5 a few times, but that was probably due to computer overload--running LR5, CS6, Photo Ninja, iTunes, and Preview all at the same time.
  7. I've seen this - I have a computer with a 6 core processor, 64GB of RAM, so I would say it's not memory or CPU related.
    Specifically I see it when I return from the Nik HDR plugin. I have the latest version of LR5
  8. Thanks, Tudor. Sorry to hear the problem still exists in LR5, at least with some uses.

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