Lightroom 6 install via DVD

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by billjboyd, May 21, 2015.

  1. Just received Adobe Lightroom 6 DVD from B&H Photo. Unable to install on my laptop. DVD package and invoice has an 18-digit serial number and Adobe installer is asking for a 24-digit serial number. Had an online chat with Adobe and they said to contact seller. Any thoughts why this is happening?
  2. I've had LR since v1 on CD and it's always 24 digit (starting w/ 1160). I'd suggest looking harder on the packaging since that 18 digit thing isn't the serial number (maybe the SKU?)
  3. Thanks, Howard.....Invoice and package clearly state it is a serial number. I will contact B&H tomorrow
  4. OK...problem resolved. Finally found 24-digit serial number (starting with 1160) buried inside the package material. It was well hidden. Installing LR 6 now.
  5. good to hear!
    I dont know what Adobe was talking about since all the reseller gets from Adobe is a sealed package w/ the serial number buried inside.

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