Lightroom 5 and PS 5

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by knobstone, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Will Lightroom 5 work with Photoshop CS5? I was researching it, and on the Adobe site, it mentions that Camera Raw will need to be upgraded to ver. 8. But that doesn't seem to be available for anything before CS6. Thanks in advance. Joe
  2. Lightroom is fully independent of PS version. They do NOT share Camera Raw (LR has its own built-in 'ACR') plug-ins. You won't be able to use ACR v8 w/ PS CS5 anyway.
  3. grh


    No, ACR doesn't need to be upgraded. You will have to allow LR to render a file that it hands off to PS (a PSD) so you won't really be using ACR anyway. I don't understand why anyone would need to anyway, if you're using LR. It provides all of that function for you.
    I've matched LR3 with PS CS3, LR4 with PS CS3, and currently use LR4 with PS CS5. Same workflow with each, and never touch ACR in PS. Don't need it.

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