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  1. I have never used any version of Lightroom before so decided to download a trial version from the Adobe main site. It appreade to download and installed correctly. On oepening the program it went staright to a main screen offering Library, Develop, Sideshow,Print,Web. Both Library and Develop seem to work correctly but I cannot switch between Library and Develop. Pressing D does nothing. As I am completely new to this I may just be stupid and have missed something. Can someone kindly offer some help please ?
  2. Never heard of that even using LR 3 on both Mac and PC. Is there any other program running that interprets keyboard shortcuts. When you're in Library and you click on the View menu "Go to develop" does have a D next to it (I'm only asking because I'm wondering if there's a way to customize that and it somehow lost the default setting of "D").
  3. I've never heard of that either. Clicking Develop in the module picker at the top does absolutely nothing, and pressing D does absolutely nothing?
    How about pressing R (which will bring you to the Crop tool inside Develop), or Q (Spot Removal tool) or W (White Balance tool)? There are others, but if none of these work then I'm sure those won't either.
    If absolutely nothing happens by clicking Develop or pressing any of these keyboard shortcuts, then I'd try reinstalling. If that doesn't work, then I'd try removing your Preferences file (here are the instructions).
  4. I'm probably missing something here, but if you know Library and Develop work correctly, how did you open each of them to find that out? Joe
  5. Anthony, It sounds as if you have Lightroom menu at the top closed.
    IF so, in the center of the screen is a control shaped like a triangle.
    Click on this, and it will open showing on the right side, "Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print, and Web." Then you can switch between the commands for each one as you desire...
  6. [[I cannot switch between Library and Develop.]]
    Do you have images imported into the library? do you have an image selected to develop?
  7. I had a computer that would lock up between Library & Develop. That computer (PC) would not run Lightroom. Had a conflict with something.
  8. @Gary, you might try running a copy of "Advanced System Care" it is an amazing program. There are all kinds of problems in computers, caused by registry errors it will fix. It is less expensive than the majority of such programs and you can even use it free.... No time limit, free use just means it will not run automatically on a schedule. It has built in features of Spyware removal, Registry Fix, Privacy Sweep, Junk file cleaner, System Optimization, Security Defense, Disk De-fragment, Internet Turbo Boost and Security analyzer. Newest feature is a game module, and folder privacy protection if anyone needs them.
    Ive tried many pay programs and have not found one which is any better. My system and Internet speed improved noticeably and some program conflicts have disappeared.

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