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Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by dimidimi, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. and also the blurring is photoshop or he is technique?
  2. At an educated guess; softbox for example 1 and brolly for example 2. Just a simple one light setup for both.

    The shadows and reflections are the telltale for most lighting setups, and the shadow transition is quite smooth in sample 1. Sample 2 has a 'busier' transition, which leads me to think it might be caused by the less even light from a brolly or maybe two stacked softboxes.

    The eye catchlights are too small to properly show the shape of modifier used.

    It's not a big difference in any case.
    Either could have been lit by a vertical rectangular softbox, or a coupled of stacked smaller boxes.

    The shadows are pretty harsh, which indicates the light was placed a fair way away from the model - presumably for the practical purpose of getting the high-angle light even from head to toe.

    A pretty crude one-light setup IMO.

    Blurring? Do you mean the 'suspended' hem of the skirt?
    Easy! You just get the model to lift the skirt hem and then drop it just as you hit the shutter. The flash freezes the skirt in mid-drop.

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