Light Source Durst 138/184 Enlargers

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  1. I wanted to know what users of the Durst 138 and 184 enlargers use as
    condensor light sources as I understand that the manufacturer of the
    original bulbs no longer produces them.

    Durst Pro USA offers a halogen replacement that requires head
    modification and is expensive and they also offer a digital head with
    a computer controller that is expensive times three.

    Is there a cost effective alternative that will produce enough power
    while at the same time be consistent across the negative area?

    I thank you for your assistance in advance.
  2. There is a person in Germany that might have a clue or a bulb for
    your Durst 138/184 enlarger. Try to contact Wolfgang at There are other solutions:a
    color head like the C 300 or my solution an Aristo VC cold light
    head + a Metrolux timer with a probe conecting the head and the
    timer. It is not quite the same as condensers but there is less
    print spotting. Just do not give up 8x10" for digital.

  3. There are three different types of light sources. One is a larger than 110mm Opal bulb; another is a dinky point light source; and another is the color head. Which is your question directed to?
  4. As far as I know, the origional bulbs (300Watt Opal) are available in Germany from Brenner Fotosversand.
  5. 7,50 Euro Opallampe 220V/250W item #754623

    but I'm not sure european lightbulbs can even be used in the US...
  6. I walked into my local darkroom shop and bought a 300W opal bulb in December - and now you tell me I can't get one? ;)
  7. What is the lamp code on the Thorn lamp?

    I suspect that there are some available out there if you search the dark recesses of the camera stores and lamp warehouses.

    Otherwise, I think it would not be impossible to find another lamp that would work similarly.

    The european lamps are designed for 220-240 volt power, so that will not work without modification in your enlarger. You could get a step-up transformer for these, or put in a 220 vots service to use them.

    I'm thinking a cold light might be the way to go.

  8. It looks like this thread is about the opal lamp type head. <BR><BR>The Durst 138S manual says the bulb should be at least 110mm diameter; for even illumination of 5x7. The lamp code word was OPAL; and they are in 200,300,500 watts; also the PROLA 500 projection lamp; others are Philips 375E 500 watt or the General Electric DMS PH/500TS. (info from the manual) .
  9. Hello,
    I use a PHILIPS bulb type PF 607 E/51, 250Watts, 230V as I live in France but you can find what you are looking for on this website:

    250 watts is almost too powerfull for me, I stop down to f11 or f16 and my exposure time is around 10 sec for a 11X14 enlargement.
    Hope this can help you.
    Best regards.
  10. Thanks to all that contributed their comments. I have much more information and resources to evaluate and I appreciate your assistance.

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