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    Is this a factory installed light seal? I mean the small narrow piece of foam.

    Film door (top) gets a little raised where it is installed. The bottom does not look so raised.

    Canon EOS 30v.

    seal-1.JPG seal-2.JPG seal-3.JPG seal-4.JPG
  2. It looks original, and doesn't look like it should be the cause of that much door displacement. The door itself almost looks as if it is warped on that edge,

    It was common for cameras with the dubious "window thru the door to see the loaded film can" feature to have a lot of extra foam sealing. Replacement foam that isn't the exact same consistency might lead to gaps, as you suggest, but that thin piece you suspect just doesn't look thick enough or spongy enough to push the top corner of the door out that severely.

    If it were my camera, I would try completely removing that thin piece of foam with a toothpick soaked in alcohol. If the door still gapped, it would confirm that the plastic door itself may be warped. Shoot a test roll with that thin piece removed: if there are no light leaks in bright sunlight, you don't need to replace it. If you notice any issues, a thin piece of foam like that is easy to source and re-install. A strip of black yarn might serve equally well..
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    Thank you for the thoughtful reply.
    I shot a couple of rolls some time ago when I got the camera and there was no apparent light leaks.
    Now that I am starting to shoot some rolls again I noticed that piece of foam.
    Thanks anyway!
  4. I have a Canon EOS Elan 7NE (same as 30V) and it has exactly the same foam in exactly the place.

    My door looks to fit about the same as yours.

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    Wow! I had to look more than once. I thought that was my camera. Come on, grip and what appear to be the same strap?
    Anyway, that is good to know. Foam stays.
  6. Yes, I noticed the similarities too. I use an Optech strap and connectors along with the BP-300 Battery Pack grip.
  7. CS.


    Yep. Same here.

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