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  1. Ok., a few years ago my wife purchased Photoshop CS5 extended and I think it came with Lightroom. Anyway for some reason I tried the Adobe cc subscription and later decided to go back to LR 5.7. Now I can't because Adobe has blocked that saying I need to renew my subscription to use the develop module. Grrrrr. And getting hold of someone at Adobe to help with this is like pulling teeth. Is there another program similar to LR that I can use the Niksoftware collection plug in with? My Adobe PS and Bridge still work however they aren't as intuitive as I would like. Recommendations on what to do?
  2. I don't recall Adobe ever packaging Lightroom with Photoshop, however, if you still have the original media (DVD/CD) from CS5, and LR was included you should easily be able to install it and download any subsequent LR5.x updates. Photoshop CS5 came out in April 2010, followed by CS5.5 a year later. Lightroom 5.0, however did not come out until June 2013, so it is hard to see how these would be bundled together.
    There used to be two flavors of Photoshop: one that supported 3D related functionality (extended version) and the standard version that did not. The extended version of Photoshop had nothing to do with Lightroom though. Typically the upgrade cost to the extended versions cost a bit more. From your description, it sounds like you have Photoshop CS5 Extended.
    If you had Lightroom installed, registered the software and you no longer have the original discs, you can download your previous version from the Adobe site. When you registered, you would have supplied a serial number which is also available from Adobe under your account. If you purchased a copy of LR5, you can still upgrade that to version 6.x (not subscription based like LRCC) for around $70 (in that ballpark).
  3. I'm not sure you can go back from LR6/CC to 5.7. The catalog's structure may have changed so reverting a new catalog to the old structure may be difficult. Of course just in case you have a significant amount of pictures in a LR6/CC catalog.
    My main experience of installing older versions is with LR4, that caused no problems but I have the installation files and the registration codes on my harddisk.

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