Light Meter "pegs" on Asahi Pentax Spotmatic

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by mel_h., Nov 29, 2003.

  1. I have a 33 year old Asahi Pentax (one owner!).....I've been reading
    all the information on batteries (very helpful)....and found a
    replacement (s400PX 1.5V silver oxide at a local Battery PLus
    store)....however, I have a problem with the light pegs
    on the "+end" of the scale and will not budge no matter the fstop,
    ASA setting or shutter speed adjustments....anyone have an idea of
    the problem? This camera has been perfect and even survived the
    first year in hopeful someone has the answer. (the
    battery is installed per the manual with the + toward the top of the
  2. The light metering CDS resistors occasionally fail on the Spotmatic - they lose resistance. This could explain what you are seeing.
  3. gib


    for more information on solving the battery problem -----

    it is possible you need to reverse the batteries....but check yahoo group for more information they have a file FAQ sheet on battery questions.

    hope this helps.
  4. I use silver cells in both my Spotmatics, installed as the manual suggests (+ve towards top of camera) and they work fine. Reversing the battery changes only the direction of under and over exposure indication.
  5. I think think it's a battery problem, but a meter problem. One or two or my Spots are prone to this problem, which is intermittent. The needle tends to stick on the "+" limit and yes, it won't bulge whatever you do. Switching the meter on and off a couple of time while changing aperture and time sometimes helps "unsticking" it. I've found that humidity makes the problem worse.

    My solution was ultimately to use a hand held meter. It improved my exposures tremendously, so I bother very little about the Spots meter cells, now.
  6. Nothing to do with the battery if installed correctly. I have ran into this many times with different cameras in my years. The old mercury battery gave off fumes which creeps up into the wiring under the insulation. After a period of time the meter will act erratic or simply die out not working. On the Konica S2 and S16 the meter will be dead no matter what. Canonets are a different story. They can be dead or the meter will peg to the top on certain models before the G-III. Best way to fix this is to replace all wiring were the negative current goes through. Then you should have a good working meter once more
  7. Most likely a loose wire grounding out That will cause the meter to peg all the way up

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