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  1. These two shots were taken right after the other with the same 8x10 film holder using the same technique of keeping the dark cloth over the back of the camera. Still not sure why one has no light leak whatsoever and the other shots corners have one. This is pretty frustrating. (These are brand new holders.) How do I remedy this?
  2. other side of the holder:
  3. My guess would be that you didn't have the holder seated firmly on the first shot. When I insert a holder, I "wiggle" it into place until I'm sure it it well seated and flat on the base of the film plane.
  4. You might want to disassemble your back and clean it of any dirt/grime that may be holding the film holder off of the surface of the back.
  5. The pattern of fogging is a bit odd. Usually any camera leaks are in one corner or down one edge. This appears to be coming from at least 3 corners of the film! Also, one of the affected corners is furthest away from the darkslide slit, and all this is not characteristic of camera fogging.
    The black border, which should be under the retaining edge of the holder, looks fogged on that first shot. If that's the case then the film can't have been fogged during exposure in the camera, so the fogging must have happened elsewhere. Check that your darkroom, changing bag or other loading facility is truly dark and light-tight. Also check the condition of the storage box that the film was in and look at how the film was transported from the camera to the processing, and at the processing itself. It might be worth processing an "unexposed" sheet to check that the entire box of film hasn't been fogged.
  6. You're right Rodeo Joe it ended up being the transport box. I used another one and no fogging issues.

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