light box?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by photo_girl|1, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. not sure if 'light box' is the correct term used for this, if someone can reccommend one of the top
    companies and most reliable that make the light box or viewing box? the one used for viewing of prints
    after printing, under proper daylight..... the print kind of sits on a stand with the light above it.... sorry,
    cant think of what the name is.
  2. They're called "viewing stations" or "proofing stations." I've never heard of any brand being unreliable, and all should be fairly accurate colorwise (they're also more expensive than many people expect them to be!). B&H has several dozen from one company (GTI) plus a few others:
  3. i have one GTI in my office, and i realize that if i change my ligth around for daylight i would not really need this proofing station; i am working in a close control color managed environement and my print look like my screen, and more important, they look like what is commercialy printed. So i sugest that before you invest in a 500$ + viewving booth, since you are maybe not a professional, invest in a cheaper alternative; changing your surronding ligth for dayligth.

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