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  1. I've worked with all manner of engineers for 40+ years and almost none of them had any particular expertise with lubricants. I'm guessing the inventors were also machinists, and they often have a much better knowledge of lubricants than the average engineer. Still, if you look at the products from Nye, Superlube, DuPont and Santolube, we've come a very long way since WWII.
  2. True, but donโ€™t you have the Leitz one from the 70s?
  3. True indeed. Seems like yesterday.It came from Calumet Photo and cost $42.50, a kings ransom to a high school student back then. I still have an order form where I was going to get the roll film back for the 4x5 from them, but never placed it, probably due to lack of funds. Hmmm... I think I have one somewhere, but haven't seen it in a few years. The future of large format sure looked different back then, than it turned out to be.
  4. WOW A p*ssing match about lubricants!!! Not to mention one from the days when was young and sinewy.

    yippee ki-yay

    Most lubricants and most lubricating are waaay overdone in any case.Scattered about I probably have a couple of dozen tripods, monopods, and such like, and I've never found the need to 'lube' any of them.
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  5. I am irrationally pleased with this tripod setup! Leg locks have been thoroughly cleaned and lightly lubed with petroleum (as Marchione intended), scratches have received the Sharpie treatment as my drill sergeants would have demanded, and I found a basic Arca-Swiss adapter that matches the head and overall aesthetic nicely while adding a bubble and modern quick-release functionality. I cut some arrows out of a red reflective sticker material to remind me which knob does what and was compelled for some reason to add the "Red Dot" that Leitz left off :) Now I just need to figure out a carrying strap or get a tripod bag for it.

  6. I like those arrow on the locks.
    If I don't use mine for awhile, it gets confusing figuring which knob is which.
    My copy is made by Leitz.
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  7. It occurred to me after the fact that "top knob=up" is easy enough to remember anyway once you notice that :)
  8. I just acquired two of the older, original Marconi aluminum Tiltall tripods. Great pieces which I'm cleaning up. Question though, since these are unfinished aluminum, is there anything that can applied to the aluminum to keep one's hands from turning black?
  9. No, that's part of the joy of owning them! If you want them shiny, use Mother's Mag Wheel Polish. You could coat them with something, but I'd be afraid of gumming it up. I keep a very light film of oil on the lower sections.
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  10. Sandy Vongries

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    A limited use of Armaflex pipe insulation of the correct inner diameter, thin wall, self sealing might work and certainly would make carrying and handling more comfortable and warmer.
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  11. Gotcha, great show pieces but a bit messy to use in practice. Thank you
  12. Yes, pipe foam could certainly work. I use that on other tripods as well. Thank you
  13. My Tiltall tripods were in my study when it was destroyed by fore. My black model only needed to be whipped with wet paper towel and looked like new. The silver anodized one was encrusted and looked corroded, so I made a claim for it. Later, before putting in trash, gave it a second look. Discolorization is permanent, and a little stiff. Will try WD40 to loosen up.
    A question: I bought silver one at local pawn shop in late 1970s. The center column has a place of felt that is bit by bit descending down the column. Is this cloth factory installed, or a fix by pawn shop? I paid $15 for tripod.

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