life with a Tiltall tripod

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  1. I just got mine in the mail today ($65.00 on EBay) - All black, quality craftsmanship. Still in great shape, no grievous signs of wear and tear. All bushings are clean, seemingly fresh, and functioning as they ought to. What's not to love? Metal logo plate says Leitz - If any of y'all have any idea what year Leica replaced these with the black paper logo stickers, it'd help mightily in narrowing down the age. Very happy - This should hold me for quite some time :)

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  2. Leitz USA purchased the Tiltall tripod line in 1973 and made them until about 1990 when they were bought by Fred Albu who owned Camera Barn, Uniphot and Star D.
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  3. I bought my Marchioni 4602 back in high school, probably 1970 or so. It's been a faithful companion ever since and I never let it out of my sight. I picked it specifically because it was about the lightest thing that would hold a 4x5 and I knew I was headed to RIT with my trusty Calumet 4x5. I may have bought the tripod from them too, but can't remember. That vintage is not anodized, so the aluminum is subject to attack unless you keep it clean and polished. I've used mine in the middle of a river- no problem so long as you disassemble and clean everything afterwards. Lubrication is critical to smooth function. They were sold new with a tripod screw about an inch long. You were expected to cut it off to suit the camera socket depth. No doubt many made a bollocks of this task, getting it too short or too long.
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  5. What's the recommended lube procedure for these? I've read the Marchione brothers recommended vaseline for the legs, and I've also see white lithium grease suggested. My leg locks had some grungy looking old gear grease in them that I've removed for now. Head fittings were dry.
  6. Why would you use anything other then what the inventor recommended?
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  7. I had a Leitz Tilltall (made in USA) many years ago. I gave it away when I sold all my cameras in the late 80's. It's a nice tripod though.
  8. Because we have much more sophisticated lubricants than when it was invented.
    Because we never had the easy availability of such products back then as we do today.
    Because the inventor probably wan't a lubrication specialist and chose something common that seemed to work OK.
    Because I'm just a contrary old you-know-what. o_O
  9. The inventors were engineers and lithium lubricants as well as silicone ones were available when the tripod was made. As was petroleum jelly or Vaseline.

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