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  1. Sandy Vongries

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  2. First day without stabilisers. Grandson twenty years ago.
  3. An old favorite from 2008 I drag out every few years.
    Carmel 08 - Ocean Avenue 4.jpg
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  4. Bill Snell

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  5. 0003a Barriga Bombo Preñada Embarazada-LumixG14.jpg Panasonic Lumix G 14 on Olympus E-PL3
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  6. Posted before.... Generations-web.jpg
  7. untitled (1 of 1)-160.jpg posted before
  8. Which came first? the egg or the wedge?
    à Lissitzky,
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  9. IMG_3177.JPG
    Used before.
    Canon PowerShot SX100is.
  10. and in the end...the final stage

  11. Two mothers and a daughter IMG102TX-CNeg-12.jpg /grand daughter.

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