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  1. Some time ago, I posted a Library of Congress ("LOC") collection of Ansel Adams' photos of Japanese interment camps in the US, primarily Manzanar. Earlier today, knowing that the LOC is huge, I just started browsing and found a collection of images from Frank and Frances Carpenter - father and daughter. These photos were taken almost around the entire planet- the Far and Near East, the Americas, etc. Here's a link to the collection: About this Collection  |  Carpenter Collection  |  Digital Collections  |  Library of Congress. Below is a copy of a photo, I randomly selected.

  2. There was a book published of Ansel Adams's photos of Manzanar. I had a copy and sent it to the Manzanar National Historical Site.
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  4. David, donating that book to the Manzanar Historic Site truly was a humanitarian act. You certainly earned lots of brownie points!
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  5. Thanks. I thought that they could have it on display and for ref. vs sitting on my library table.
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  6. A couple of years back, I saw an excellent exhibit at the International Center of Photography in NY which displayed and compared Dorothea Lange's and Ansel Adams's photos of Manzanar. Hopefully, whoever displays the Adams photos will have some of Lange's on hand as a counterpoint. Each had a distinctly different story to tell, Lange's providing more context and harsh truths and Adams's providing more optimism and what many think was whitewashing.

  7. Sam - Alas, during my last time in pre-pandemic NYC, the ICP was in the process of moving to a downtown location. Many thanks for the link.
  8. Didn't know there was also a book by Lange. I found the book by Adams by accident. Since i had been to Manzanar, I bought the book.
    The link is interesting.
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  9. The book 'Farewell to Manzanar" was written by a lady whose family was confined there. it is an interesting read.
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  11. Sam, thanks to the link you provided, I read the article. Adams' and Lange's images it contains indeed demonstrate clearly different styles, perhaps due to their respective intentions for their work. Whether or not I agree with those who claim that Adams deliberately sanitized his Manzanar photos, clearly the difference is noticeable. The article's sample Adams photo looks like he posed the subject, while the Lange piece is a straightforward "street" shot.

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