Lexar 8GB CF Cards

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  1. FYI, B&H is having a sale on Lexar CF cards (133x + WA only).

    8GB CF cards are going for $100, and then you get a $50 rebate per card from
    Lexar, giving a net cost of $50. Not bad for 8GB. There is a limit of three
    rebates, so I bought three.

    2GB and 4GB's are also on sale, I wonder what's going on.


    Is this the lowest price out there?
  2. Of course, I messed up the link. They are the black and gold cards:

  3. ShunCheung

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    Speaking of Compact Flash cards, there is a news article about a new, incompatible CFast card:

    That may, again, may, become mainstream in a couple of years, but apparently both Canon and Nikon are involved in its development (standards). Whether that will become reality is not entirely known. But I wouldn't necessarily stock up on CF cards right now; do buy what you really need for now but no more. I also wonder about the implication on current DSLR bodies.
  4. storage is getting ridiculously cheap.
  5. Hello Your educated opinion please? Can I use an 8Gig card in my Canon 5D? I need another couple cards.
  6. JP, look up the latest 5D firmware update: there is some mention of card capacities.
  7. ShunCheung

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    A relative of mine has a 5D and he uses a 12G SanDisk Extreme III on it. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that ANY 8G card will work on the 5D, though.

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