Lexar 128G XQD in Stock Again

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ShunCheung, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. ShunCheung

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    Previously there were incorrect reports that Lexar would stop producing XQD memory cards. B&H has somehow classified them as "discontinued," which is actually still the case for the 32G and 64G variations. However, at least the 128G version is once again in stock:

  2. erik_christensen|3

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    Now B&H has classified all 3 units as "discontinued" !!
  3. From what I have read Lexar was sold to a new owner and are expecting to continue manufacture of the existing product line under a new owner (the same employees). There is supposed to be a stash of Micron/Lexar cards in storage which will be relabeled for the new owner and sold once they have gotten new labels. I think perhaps this relabeling process is not yet complete.
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  4. ShunCheung

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    As soon as I posted that B&H had the 128G version of the Lexar XQD card in stock, they sold out again within hours. I would expect a thank you note from Henry Posner. :)

    Seriously, the Sony version is like 20% more expensive. I have heard that the Lexar XQD cards have compatibility issues on Sony camcorders that use XQD. On Nikon cameras, both brands work fine. I, in fact, own 32G, 64G, and 128G variations from both brands, and both work well.

    I still hope that another party such as Sandisk would get into selling XQD cards.

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