Lets see those MF beasties

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  1. BUTCHER CARBINE bought on E-Bay. It looked interesting. Listing had 1 photo thus I had little idea what I was receiving and still do not. I cannot find info on the internet regarding rarity or potential value.





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  2. 20210606_120126.jpg Neat little camera but I am somewhat puzzled. It has two red windows but a single format which appears to be about two thirds 2 1/4
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  3. Yashimat.jpg
    1959 Yashica Mat. Still firing on all cylinders and a family heirloom from my late uncle.
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  4. ^ Interesting , 5 years ago I had 4 YashicaMats ( how do you spell GAS ? ) . The only one I kept
    has the same Lumaxar lens . Frame counter needs work , but summers' here and motorcycle I must :) . Peter
  5. She's not pretty however she is beautiful to me. Wonderfully bloomed lenses 20210609_114245.jpg
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  6. Mamiya 23 Standard Press 6x9. Not the most glamorous medium format camera but I took a liking to them for their simplicity, ease of maintenance, and longevity. This one was a Bay purchase some years ago and I've yet to expose a film in it ... hopefully soon.

    Mamiya 23 Standard copy.jpg
  7. Nice Get some film in it.
  8. 833457A1-4287-4AA7-990D-85BBDD1B6BFF.jpeg
    Voightlander Prominent
  9. Compared to my main camera, an APS-C mirrorless (Nikon Z50), this Yashica Mat is a beastie. It's around 45 years old and I haven't shot with it in over 30 years, until recently when I took it down and shot a roll of black & white film. Still waiting to see the results.
  10. [​IMG]

    Rolleicord by Georg, auf Flickr

    This Rolleicord is about as old (or young) as my parents.


    Zenza Bronica S2 by Georg, auf Flickr

    The Bronica S2a is in need of a good repairman in the EU.
    The Berlebach Mini is a fantastic companion for the MF-cameras.
  11. 2F811A5B-2F91-4849-B9F0-F07F0FF17A79.jpeg Late 40s or early 50s Kodak Reflex II 620 film TLR camera. 120 size will fit if you trim the plastic flanges of the spool down. You’ll need a 620 size take up spool though. The twin 80mm Anastar lenses are pretty sharp!
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  12. Kodak Chevron 620 camera. I love the heft of this one. Feels good in the hands, but I wish the viewfinder was bigger. Stellar Ektar lens!


  13. One of my 6x9 folders that is most enjoyable to use. A bit bulky, it is used 2k18-DSCF3064 ces26 zx r.JPG mostly on a decent sized tripod. Only "complaint" is the busy work of getting the shot ready . . . it is ALL MANUAL. Bill
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  14. ^ I don't think you're going to see any tears shed here concerning it's "ALL MANUAL" :) . Peter
  15. It's got a rangefinder, ain't it?
    So at least you don't have to reel out the 50ft tape-measure or guesstimate the distance. That's automation in my book! ;)
  16. Point taken Joe. . .the long road to Perdition. . . now I have two X-e1s & lenses....and all the others...
  17. Just got this beautiful beastie. 20210822_095114.jpg
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  18. I've shot a few rolls with this Mamiya Universal. It's already a handful with the standard lens, grip, etc. A couple of weeks back, I bought the 250mm for it. Definitely no hand-held photos with this monster. Mamiya Universal Press.jpg Mamiya 250mm f5 - Mamiya Universal - Lo Rez.jpg

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