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  1. Come on folks...Lets see some statues.These where all shot with the Tamron 18-250 at various lengths.
  2. Taken with my 50mm-A f/2. Shot wide open.
    This is some huge a**... shot with my 18-250
    and another one taken with the 50mm, shot at f/2.8
  3. Here's the Concord Minute Man
  4. taken yesterday... k100d + kit lens...
  5. and another from yesterday.. I was in a rush and realized when it was too late that i should have used the flash, so I selectively boosted the statues here with the gimp... :)
    also k100d + kit lens
  6. oh and just remembered this one taken on Monday.. gotta be one of the most oft photographed statues... :)
    k100d + FA50mm
  7. Click for non-squashed version
    "The Holocaust" by George Segal
  8. Todd, love the little angels.
  9. Here's one I liked down by the Pittsburgh waterfront:
    And a slightly different view:
    Both were shot with K10D and kit lens, this past summer while I was working in Pgh.
  10. Here's one from St-Pete & another one from St-Augustine, Florida
  11. & St-Augustine
  12. Walnut & Lexington, Independence Missouri
  13. Guy, I love that top WW1 soldier. Nice processing.
    Sommana, nice work with the 1st and last. Really like the selective DOF.
    Javier, the last one creeps me out.
    I'll follow Dan's Pittsburgh shot which i like the second one better, it gets more of the stone work at the base, with another shot from Pittsburgh.
    Roberto Clemente at PNC Park with the Roberto Clemente Bridge in the background. Pentax K10D, Sigma 10-20mm, Olympus Varimagni, and ultrapod.
    My sister at graduation from GMU...Pentax K20D, DA 35mm, Sigma EF-500 Super DG.
    Dauphin Narrows Statue of Liberty (outside) Harrisburgh, PA while paddling the Susquehanna River. Pentax ist D, KA 24mm.
    Yoda...Pentax K10D??, Sigma 70-300, pinhole snoot on a FGZ360, wireless.
  14. Great stuff folks..
  15. Well.. this is sort of a natural statue.. :)
  16. Here's a statue of something along the Milwaukee riverwalk.
  17. Oops too big. Ah well. I think Somanna's last shot is just fantastic. Maybe that is a good lens. :)
  18. Javier, I like your sombrero-wearin' hombre. Also agree that Somanna's last shot is nice.
    Bad Bunny.
    Pentax K10D, DA 12/24 f/4 @f/7.1​
  19. And one more chipper lad:
    Voulez-vous de creme glacee?
    Pentax K10D, DA 16-45 f/4​
  20. Here are some statues.
    First is a small Chinese terracotta soldier statue with some creative flash:
    Next are 2 statues at Hearst castle California:
    And then a statue in Carmel California:
    And then back to Asia - Taiwan with a Chinon film camera:
    And then a top spinning champion's statue here in Taiwan:
    And finishing off with a good old ubiquitous Buddha -they're everywhere here, although this chap is about 4 floors high:
  21. I gots to say. My three favorite statues are all mine... LOL ...Just kidding.
    Seriously, my three favs are
    Somannas hand image...I see that DA*50-135 fit like a glove...No pun intended.
    Todds Horse kicks butt...No pun intended.
    Justins, Roberto Clement is a home run...No pun intended.
  22. Having trouble learning how to post multiple images...arggh
    1) Alfred, King of the Saxons, Alfred University, 2004, where my son graduated with a BFA in Art, and now is an artist in chefology.
  23. He did go on to do some art showa after graduating which afforded us a trip to some locations we may not have visited otherwise.
    2) Heron from Portland, Oregon
  24. 3) Also from Portland in 2006
  25. Then he moved to Philly
  26. ANd we had a great time in Louisville. Justin may like this one!
  27. Two more from Louisville, KY
  28. Man on the street...
  29. hEY Bob, I met that last fellows uncle.
  30. Everybody has an uncle story, or so it seems...
  31. A few statues from here and there
  32. #5 and one of my favorites ..
  33. I really like Justin Serpico's Statue of Liberty by the river.
    She was born to do-mi-nate:
  34. At our local Catholic Church last month.
  35. Nice one Graham!!!
  36. First post - hope this works!
  37. [​IMG]
    Both taken at Cementerio General, Santiago de Chile with my K10d and FA 50mm.
  38. Oooh, statues! I have loads of those!
    Here's a few...:
  39. Errmmm..
    Here they are part II:
  40. The burden
  41. Reaching...
  42. Angels...
  43. Guarding the nest...

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