Let's see some Old Barns shot with your classics.

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by kymtman, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Just got my Rolleiflex 3.5c and couldn't wait until Friday, so I went out and shot this old barn today on Turkey day. I would like to see some old, old, old barns like these that are almost gone.
  2. Here is a closeup crop of the barn.
  3. OCULUS New York

    OCULUS New York Still shooting, but posting less here.

    Another so-so scan, but the shot is taken with my $12 Agfa Clack. Oh, and so you aren't confused, the barn is situated in the hamlet of Best (right down the road from Luther), in Rensselaer County, upstate NY. Cheers, Ray Hull
  4. This was taken back in the early 80's with my Nikon F near Toledo, Ohio in corn country.
  5. The Barley Barn, Temple Cressing, UK - built in the 13th century for the Knight Templars. Shot with my MPP MKVII (about 1970) using a Schneider Angulon 90mm f/6.8 from about the same time. Have a look here if you have a moment.
  6. Ron, This should be a very popular thread, thanks for posting. This barn is near Leesburg, Virginia. Taken with a Nikon S-2, 50mm/1.4, Fuji 200 film. Dennis
  7. And another near Waterford, Virginia. Col. John Mosby, the Gray Ghost of the Confederacy, used to ride these roads. Argus C-3, 50mm/3.5, Fuji 100 film Dennis
  8. Not too many barns that size here in the Netherlands.
    Close up of a little barn, or shed (shot with Pentacon 6TL).
  9. Mamyiaflex C TLR, Fuji Reala. Taken just south of Calgary, Alberta.
  10. Bristol, NH
  11. SCL


    Not classic camera or lens, but the barn is a classic
  12. SCL


    Canon A1
  13. Simi clasic Camera Classic lens It is a Tak 1.4 on a Mamaya ZE-2 with an adapter.
  14. Not a barn, but an old farmhouse-a hippy palace, actually; shot in the 70s with a Zeiss 6x6 folder. One of my first scans ever-please excuse the excessive sharpening.
  15. Though I shoot probably more than 1000 photos each year -- many with my numerous classic cameras -- I must admit that as a city dweller I have never take a picture of a barn. I don't even know where the closest barn is.
  16. Corn crib is now in our museum
  17. Pole barn is also now in our museum
  18. I took this with the Argus C-3. Not my best work and it's not technically a barn but close enough.
  19. I actually didn't read the title very well, sorry. there is one gallery that is shot on film, the rest are digital (for the above site). I'll try to read better in the future...
  20. This one survived three hurricanes in 14 months. Can anyone make out the text on the awning laying against the side of the barn?

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