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Discussion in 'Minox' started by robbedoes, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Our little miracles deserve some more interest.<br />
    Take a look at Michael Van Buskirk's site [1] for some inspiration.<br />
    Buy "Way beyond monochrome" [2] to get the most out of B&W.<br />
    Get some film at 8x11film.com [3]<br />
    Or tell what you are doing right now whit you tiny friend.<br />
    [1] http://www.galleryobscura.com/<br />
    [2] http://www.darkroomagic.com/ > publications<br />
    [3] http://www.8x11film.com
  2. I have a B and just bought a load of film from frugalphotographer.

    When I have time to work on my own projects (as opposed to those required by school :p)
    I work on my film slitter. I just finished machining the most crucial parts: the film tension
    roller and the gauge blocks that keep the blades at the proper width. The body is all
    acrylic and the mechanical parts are all aluminum, so it should hold up nicely.

    Next step: build a mask for the Focomat and find a wider lens so that I can print
    traditionally as well as just scanning.
  3. Hi Silvan,
    I think designing and building an effective film slitter is the kind of thing every industial design student should master :)
    Are you following the origional Minox/acmel design or have you designed your own model? I've been thinking to use a 35 mm filmloader so the slitting can be done at daylight. I still have to figure out if I shall add the slitting part to the loader or to a reloadable 35mm cassette.
    As for the Minox cassettes, you can order some Adox KB 14 (euro 4,75) at Fotoimpex which is shipping worldwide. And while building a mask for your enlarger, remember that the Minox B has a curved film plane. The same curve can be found in the Minox enlarger. Try to get a Minox enlarger; I bought one for 50 euro by just posting a request on a Dutch photo forum.
    Cheap trick for film developement: Mark Hahn's Photographic Pages

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