Leotax Leonon-S 50mm f2 LTM Lens

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  1. Hi, newbie here (my name’s Andrew not Alec as my profile would suggest). I recently decided to play another round of Russian Roulette with some of my hard earned on the big auction site and bought a Leotax Leonon-S 50mm f2 LTM for my Canon VL2, it’s in very good condition and it’s definitely a keeper. It seems like a bit of a rare beast, and I wondered whether anyone knows anything about it? as there seems to be precious little info on it. If you look at my public photos you can see some shots I took with it last week, if anybody is interested.
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    My familiarity with it is only what I have read long ago...which indicated it to be a "worthy" lens. From your pictures two things seem evident...it handles contrast well, not too soft nor offensively abrupt, and it focuses well on your camera body. I'd definitely say it is a keeper! Congratulations on your acquisition.
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  3. Thanks for the info, that's an interesting read. I wonder if mine is a different or later version though? That version looks very similar to the Topcor 50mm f2 and has a minimum aperture of f22 whereas mine has a different ridged barrel and a minimum aperture of f16. Take a look, I'll post some pics.

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