Lenshood for Summitar 5cm/2

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by juan_bonet, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Hello. I would like know if the Summitar 5cm/2 screwmount lens, can mount another hood than large and square
    (and ugly) type.
  2. Sometime if push on a series 6 with some tape to make it tight. I also put a filter on first so as not to damage the lens. You could always epoxy it to a Summitar filter with the glass removed.

    If you can find a Summitar adapter to 39 screw in , the vented hoods can be used. They are hard to find, but SK Grimes makes a knock off.

    To be honest, the proper shade is very good and can not be duplicated for efficiency of shielding light.
  3. I use the 12585 clip on vented hood on mine.
  4. This push on hood is perfect for the Summitar.
    I just miss a cap to go on the hood.

  5. As Ronald says, the SOOPD hood made for the lens is far and away the best. The alternative is a 42 mm push-on hood of the kind recommended by Per.
  6. As John said, the vented clip on hood for the Summicron 50 also fits the Summitar.
  7. If you dont't find the original foldable lens hood, also work very well the IROOA type, that i use on my Summitar 50 from 1955.

  8. A discussion on alternate Summitar hoods is found here. RT
  9. Series VI w/ no tape. Just push the prongs in a tiny bit. Screw in a Series VI lens hood. Filters are MUCH cheaper than the Leica Summitar filters.
  10. I would be careful about using series 6 hoods on the summitar because of vignetting. Another solution is a summitar
    to series vi adapter ring, then a series vi-vii step up ring, then a serives vii round screw in round hood. Sounds
    complicated but it really isn't. The huge advantage to this setup is the ability to use either series vi or vii filters or both
    with no chance of vignetting. The problem with the clamp on filter rings is that they fall off, ring, filter, hood and all.
    They fall off paricularly when you are not paying attention.

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