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  1. i'm a newcomer photographer
    and i'm taking some advice from other photographers
    i would like to know if someone can suggest me
    prime lens for fashion photography?
    I have a 50 mm 1,8
    and i'm interested in some lenses that can give me effect like that
    do you suggest 50mm 1.4 or 85mm on a dx body?
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  3. I'm not expert enough to be able to tell the lenses or even the cameras used in these shots!
    But fashion photographers seem to use a wide variety of lenses. Some prefer long, as far as 300mm (you need a large studio!), some like shooting wide, even 24mm. There are some articles out there discussing these options (unfortunately the links I tried attaching to this response refer to a site banned from photo.net!).
    But I'm sure you can achieve good results from the lens you have, something like the examples you posted should definitely be possible. Have a go and see what you can do, and if you find that you then come up with a reason why you need a longer lens or a faster lens, at least it will have been concluded from your own experience rather than based on someone else's who may have a completely different style of shooting than you.
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    It's about the lighting, not the lenses.
  5. http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/16500000/Brigitte-Bardot-actresses-16529756-2560-1805.jpg
  6. sometimes under 2.2 i find that my lens 50mm 1.8 it is not perfect
    like too much soft on the face
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    That can be a limitation of the depth of field at that aperture. Why don't you post some of your own examples.
  8. That shot is more than soft. It's simply out of focus. there is nothing wrong with your lens. No matter what the aperture, there should always be at least one point in a picture that is tack sharp. For people, that is almost always the eyes. You have to focus on the eyes. If you don't have enough depth of field to have both eyes in focus, you should go with the one closest to the camera.
  9. The Bardot pix that the OP linked to is not one of the ones that were originally posted. The Bardot photo is just out of focus. Neither of the others were so soft.
    While the 50mm f/1.8 is a very good lens, for the price, it's far from perfect especially wide open. If you must use that lens, stop it down to f/4-f/5.6 for better results.
    At normal head shot working distances (6 feet) your 50mm lens has only 3.5 inches of DoF wide open. That's less than from the tip of the nose to the ears.
  10. While the 50mm f/1.8 is a very good lens, for the price, it's far from perfect especially wide open. If you must use that lens, stop it down to f/4-f/5.6 for better results.
    yes i want to say that (sorry i'm not english so it quite difficult express clearly as i cand do in my language=) 50mm 1.4 wide open offers better perfomances? (that justify the price and my prospective purchase or do you think that i have to save money and purchase 85mm 1.8 in addiction of my 50mm?
  11. Hi there,
    As a fashion photographer, you might want to invest in telephoto lenses. Don't pay too much mind to the person who said it's about the lighting, not the lenses. You can have incredible lighting and if you only have a 24mm lens, it won't capture a fashion shoot like an 85 or other telephotos would. For a demonstration of what 24mm vs let's say 135mm, check out this link:
    You want to go for a well rounded telephoto lens. People LOVE the 85 1.4 or 85 1.8
    85mm on a dx body is i think about 135mm because focal length on dx bodies are multipled by 1.6
    and the fact that it drops to a 1.8 aperture will help you get some very nice lower light images so you can take it out during a cloudy day (nice diffused sunlight from clouds) without using flashes or strobes.
    Canon 1.8 $400 : http://store.uniquephoto.com/e/index.php/canon-telephoto-ef-85mm-f-1-8-usm-autofocus-lens-2519a003.html
    Sigma 1.4 $969 : http://store.uniquephoto.com/e/index.php/sigma-85mm-f1-4-ex-dg-hsm-lens-for-canon-320101.html
    Also, don't believe too much hype about prime lenses being sharper. You can use a good telelphoto zoom lens from Tamron and get great results as well and save some cash.
    I use the Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 for a lot of my photography and paid only $700 at the time, sometime you can get rebates on lenses if you wait for the right time. http://bit.ly/pHE7xy
  12. thank you so much taryn really helps me
    yes i know about lighting and i'm studyng but i know that a good lens it is a good lens
    that give me the chance to obtain good photos
  13. taryn so do you suggest me
    85mm 1.8?
    I can afford this lens and looking around the web i find photos
    taken with it and i love the proportion
    for example
    this photo effect i can obtain using a 85 or 105 lens
    but not using a 50mm on dx?
    i'm right?
  14. the main lenses whe use are the 35-50-85 f1.2.
    the 24-70 f2.8 IS and the 70-200 f2.8 IS are 2 excellent choice also that do a perfect job for budget conscious photographer (2x 1500$ instead of 3x 2000$ ; )
    In general all those lenses are better for optimal sharpness and clarity @ 5.6 - 8... those lens are softer at 16-22 ...
  15. People are so enamored with using a wide aperture for portrature they tend to forget that if you do shoot at f1.4 you'll have such a shallow dof that maybe one part of one eye will be in focus with everything else slightly fuzzy. Now if this is the "look" you're wanting, then that's fine, but if you actually do want much of the face in focus then you'll do better with a f2.8 zoom than a fixed f1.4 lens.
  16. FWIW, I really like my 85 1.8 AF. I have mine since about 1989, it's the one I bought with my original N90. It has never had any problems, I have shot thousands of shots with it and it keeps on going. Mine is a regular AF, not the D

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